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WTLC (Misc)

James "Metapod" Harden Wallpaper, Courtesy of Adam Lucas at

Recently I asked Adam Lucas, who had recently showcased his work on WTLC, to do some wallpapers for the site. He agreed, and today he unleashed upon us a James "Metapod" Harden wallpaper.

Re-Branding the Oklahoma City Thunder: What if Actual Work Had Been Put Into Making Our Logo?

Well, year three of the Thunder has concluded, and one opinion I have about the team has not changed. I still hate the logo. Look within to see another Thunder logo that would have taken a significantly different direction.

Russell "Honey Badger" Westbrook Wallpaper, Courtesy of Adam Lucas at

Recently I asked Adam Lucas, who had recently showcased his work on WTLC, to do some wallpapers for the site. He agreed, and we're kicking it off today with a Russell "Honey Badger" Westbrook wallpaper for all of you to enjoy.

Thunder Round by Round Ticket Prices, Presented by TiqIQ

Though Thunder ticket prices were down heading into the second round, they've rapidly shot up in the conference finals. Prices have increased by 48%, meaning that you'll have to shell out the big bucks if you want to see the Thunder play at home.

The 2011 2nd Annual Welcome to Loud City All-Star Challenge Classic

It's All-Star time again, and you know what that means! Welcome to Loud City is running a competition to find out who has the best NBA knowledge! Easy to participate, prize offered to winner!

WTLC Review: NBA Elite 11

WTLC reviews the Kevin Durant Basketball Game: NBA Elite 11 for the iPhone

A Farewell to DaddyDai and GForce

Mo Pete wishes to stick around

Mo Cheeks and Ron Adams to Chicago?!?!

Immediate Post-game Thoughts

To Rest or Not to Rest

To Rest or Not?

Thoughts on the Thunder

Thoughts on the Thunder

The Week of Hell is Here, How do You Think We'll Do?

The Thunder are heading into their toughest week of the season, and it will certainly help in determining how the Thunder will fare concerning the playoffs.

The Thunder boys use social media with the best of 'em - Twit-a-what?!

A 10 Day Contract in the Works?

Could the Thunder be the Third Man?

Introducing....the Welcome to Loud City All-Star Competition!!!!

Thunder Pseudo-Stats and Jeff Green

More on Green

Chad Ford says Stoudemire may be up for trade...

Henry Abbott Calls a Truce

Henry Abbott Calls a Truce!!! ESPN's Henry Abbott settles the Durant +/- debate once and for all.

Lets talk Westbrook

Westbrook can't hold on.

Etan Thomas the Questioner

Another Interesting Move by Presti?

Has Presti made another great move? Latavious Williams is drafted right out of high school by the Tulsa 66ers.

Greetings from within

Get Ready to Chant: Thunder Up!

Well, I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to dive into all the off-season stuff, and I'm finding that I may just have to forget whatever happened while I was gone and focus on the here and now since training camp is already underway...

Mr Pappagiorgio Returns to WTLC

There has quite possibly never been a more "non-triumphant" return to a blog than the one I am making here. The reason I'm saying that is because I did what any blogger will tell you is nothing short of blogging suicide, which for those of you not paying attention was simply disappearing from the blog for a couple of months.

Fun Fact of the Day

Fun Fact about Kevin Durant that puts him in elite company!

A Round of Applause...

Over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed my absence from the site. Those of you who are regular readers know that I've been on a bit of a vacation. I know, I know, what the hell am I doing taking a vacation during the week of the NBA Draft?

Please Stand By: New Content Returns Next Week

I guess its a little obvious that new content from WTLC has slowed down a little bit lately, and just like all of you, the life of a blogger tends to get busy when real world issues start to pop up. For the past week I've been running a bit short on time due to some unexpected extra hours at my real job.

Dwight Howard Loves Vitamin Water (See the New Ad Set to Run Tonight)

So it's not all that often that we get off topic here at WTLC, but I guess this post isn't entirely off topic since Dwight Howard is playing in the NBA Finals tonight, and the new Vitamin Water advertisement featuring him is set to air during said telecast.

Attention Lurkers: Members Get All The Benefits... Why Don't You?

Well first of all, you definitely aren't that guy, because if you've been a regular reader/member/lurker of the site for awhile, you might recognize who's shadow that is. But that's beside the point, this post is about all of you who are just reading the site without signing up as a member.

Welcome To Loud City Welcomes Two Additions

For a blog that launched rather quietly just a few days before Christmas last year, it makes me proud to think just how far the site has come in just about 5 months of total existence (From Thunder in OKC to joining SBNation and creating WTLC).