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WTLC (Misc)

Nick Collison is a master of his domain

Nick Collison, fan favorite, has mastered the NBA life on and off the court.

NBA Wired: listen in like never before

In conjunction with NBA entertainment, a new movie is coming out in a week that lets us listen in as our favorite NBA players talk about what it takes to become a champion.

Someone Built It: The Thunder in a Corn Field

Do you like the Thunder? Do you like corn maizes? Well then, the Reding Farm in Oklahoma is the place you need to be.

SB Nation's 3 on 3 Tournament: Thunder Ready to Go

SB Nation continues its weekly themed post by visiting an exciting idea that has recently been broached in international circles - the 3 on 3 tournament.

Throwback Thursday: Russell Westbrook In The NCAA Tournament

Interview With Sonicsgate Director Jason Reid

Three part interview with Seattle Supersonics fan and Seattlegate director Jason Reid.

What's Up at WTLC and With Basketball During the Summer: Summer League, Team USA, Olympics

I know that the Summer is generally a time of hibernation for basketball fans, but, as the saying goes, basketball never stops.

Welcome to Loud City's Favorite Sports Highlights

Zorgon and J.A. Sherman describe their favorite Sports Highlights.

OKC ThunderCast #104: Thunder on the Brink

Why the Thunder are down 3-1 to the Heat and what they need to do to finish an historic playoff run with a championship.

OKC ThunderCast #103: Thunder 1 and 1 with the Heat

After two games the NBA Finals is tied at one win each. Can the Thunder beat the Heat?

OKC Thundercast #102: Finals Countdown

The Thunder are the Western Conference Champions! A celebration and look ahead to the NBA Finals.

OKC ThunderCast #101: Thunder Resuscitation

Brent's thoughts on the adjustments the Thunder made in to beat the Spurs in Game 3 and what we're likely to see from San Antonio going forward.

Thunder vs Spurs 2012 WCF Playoff Tickets Presented by TiqIQ

Thunder vs Spurs 2012 WCF Playoff Tickets Presented by TiqIQ

WTLC is Calling Out All Thunder Lurkers

WTLC is Calling Out All Lurkers

OKC ThunderCast #100: 2012 Western Conference Finals Preview

What the Thunder need to do to beat the Spurs, plus a look back at four years and 99 episodes.

Thunder Alley Supporters to Invade City Council Meeting On Tuesday, Demand Return of Thunder Alley Watch Party

City council meeting is on Tuesday at 8:20 AM on 900 N. Walker. Be there at 8 and help bring back Thunder Alley Watch Parties! RSVP on Facebook!

I'm Tired of Old, Angry Sportswriters Trying to Get Views (A Response to Jim Souhan of Minneapolis)

So, if you've been paying attention to the buzz around Oklahoma City today, you heard that some sportswriter from Minneapolis talked smack about how horrible Oklahoma City Thunder fans were. I'm here to firmly retort his article.

Early False Reports Say Thunder Alley is No More, Cornett and the Thunder Later Confirm It Is Here to Stay, But in Which Way is Still Unknown

Mick Cornett was quoted as saying: "Let’s figure it out and make the next gathering bigger and safer than ever."

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant's Post-Game 5 Outfits

So apparently, Russell Westbrook made his shirt out of a photocopied 1960s sailing manual, and threw on some circular sunglasses for good measure.

Zorgon on ESPN 680's Sunday Morning Hangover

I was approached by the guys at Louisville's ESPN 680 to appear on the Sunday Morning Hangover from this Sunday. I came on to talk a little bit about Game 4 and the NBA's impact on Oklahoma City.

OKC ThunderCast #99: Going to California

The Thunder take a 2-0 series lead over the Lakers. Find out why the games were so different.

Thunder Spoken Word Performance: Thunder Up, Son!

As Thunder fans, we've had to deal with some bad music videos. After sitting through things like "Reppin' That Blue and Orange" and "Beard Like Harden", I was losing faith in Oklahoma City's creativity. But finally, a solid piece of work has come through with this spoken word performance of "Thunder Up, Son!".

SB Nation Presents: Worst NBA Slogans of All Time

SB Nation Presents: Worst NBA Slogans of All Time

RSVP to Every Thunder Playoff Team, Brought to You By TiqIQ CONNECT

RSVP to Every Thunder Playoff Team, Brought to You By TiqIQ CONNECT

Thunder vs Lakers Playoffs Ticket Prices, Presented by TiqIQ

Thunder vs Lakers Playoffs Ticket Prices, Presented by TiqIQ

OKC ThunderCast #98:Harden the Sixth Man and the Second Round

James Harden is named Sixth Man of the Year. We celebrate the SMOTY and look ahead to the second round of the western conference playoffs.

New Thunder Music Video: Beard Like Harden

Look within for a fan remix of Maroon 5s "Move Like Jagger". You know, if that's your thing.

OKC ThunderCast #97: Kevin Durant Wins It

The best of the first two games of the Thunder-Mavericks series. Find out whose shot bothers your hosts the most.

OKC ThunderCast #96: Thunder Playoff Predictions

Brent and Blayne look ahead to playoff matchups against the Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Lakers. Find out if you can agree with their crazy predictions.

OKC ThunderCast #95: Basketball Moratoria

Derek Fisher is Being Asked To Step Down as Head of NBA Players Association

This comes on the heels of the news that Billy Mitchell canceled the internal audit request that was voted upon by Derek Fisher and the executive committee. Mitchell convinced the committee that the audit was fueled by personal interest.

Sonicsgate to Appear on CNBC Friday, April 27th at 7PM PDT With New Footage and Graphics

The talk of the NBA returning to Seattle isn't showing any signs of subsiding, and neither is the talk of how Oklahoma City stole Seattle's beloved team. It looks like the documentary showcasing the team's move will get national airtime on CNBC, giving it a much wider exposure than it's previous internet-only premiere.