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WTLC in the Media: Talking Thunder Basketball

Loud Noises Podcast: Was Randy Foye worth it?

Jeff Morton of Denver Stiffs joins the program to discuss what Thunder fans can expect from Randy Foye, what it's like for opponents playing in Denver, and how to pronounce Roberson.

Loud Noises Podcast: Should OKC prefer the 4 seed?

James Holas (aka Snottie Drippen) returns to the show to discuss OKC's two-game skid, including Sunday's blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as the abomination of Dion Waiters. Also, would OKC be better off as the 4 seed?

Listen: Will OKC make a move at trade deadline?

The hour grows nigh...

Listen: Should OKC trade KD for...?

Oh, Phil. You've done it again.

Listen: Durant's future, Ibaka's role, OKC's shot

Listen in as WTLC joins The Baseline NBA podcast to discuss Durant, Ibaka, and much more!

Listen! Can OKC match up against Golden State?

On the Phil Naessens Show, we preview the Thunder vs Warriors and more!

Loud Noises Podcast: Thunder/Warriors, finally!

Talking all about the upcoming Thunder/Warriors matchup, Steph Curry guaranteeing a win, whether the Warriors would rather face OKC or San Antonio in the playoffs, and #KD2GS with SB Nation's Golden State of Mind.

Ibaka's inconsistency, Griffin's hand, Cavs' mess

Listen to the Phil Naessens Show as we cover a wide variety of Thunder topics this week!

Listen in! Is KD soft? And other Thunder musings

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we discuss a myriad of topics, including Durant, Dion Waiters, and blogging in the NBA. Listen in!

Loud Noises Podcast: KD vs. the media

In a special edition 3-man pod, Chris Hanneke, JA Sherman and Cray Allred cover Kevin Durant's latest brush with the media, Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock's absurd "momma's boy" segment, and the Cam Payne/Russell Westbrook friendship.

Listen: Steven Adams is good for all

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we discuss the growth of Steven Adams, the struggles of Serge Ibaka, and more. Listen in!

Loud Noises Podcast: Hello 2016 & Player Grades

Chris Hanneke talks to WTLC's resident Oklahoman, RK Anthony about the Thunder's history in OKC, the real reason for Kyle Singler's slump, Serge Ibaka's communication skills, and more as they hand out player grades for the season thus far.

Loud Noises Podcast: Best & Worst of 2015 Awards

Talking about how the Thunder didn't totally ruin Christmas, some myths about Billy Donovan's rotations, and the public's obsession with the Spurs. Also, the Best and Worst of 2015 Awards!

Listen: what has driven the Thunder's success?

Phil Naessens and Sherman discuss the Thunder's success and whether they have a shot to keep the winning streak alive tonight in Cleveland. Listen in!

Loud Noises Podcast: The Kobe Retirement Tour

Chris Hanneke talks with Drew Garrison of SB Nation's Silver Screen and Roll about the Thunder's upcoming games against the Lakers, Lakers fans' love for Russell Westbrook, Scott Brooks as a possible coach, and Kyle Singler for Ryan Kelly.

Listen in: is the Enes Kanter gambit paying off?

Listen to this week's Phil Naessens Show as we discuss Enes Kanter and preview the Hawks game tonight!

Loud Noises Podcast - Thunder regression?

Chris Hanneke talks to JA Sherman about the recurring problems with the Thunder's crunchtime offense, whether the Warriors have ruined basketball for everyone else, and why Kevin Durant is always so mad at the media.

Listen in: have the Thunder really changed?

We're BACK with the Phil Naessens Show this season, and there is much to discuss as the Thunder have completed their first month under Billy Donovan. Listen in!

Loud Noises Podcast - Plus Plus Plus

Very positive signs from the Thunder to talk about this week, as well as the very weird Reggie Jackson saga.

Loud Noises podcast: a rollercoaster of emotions

The Thunder is 8-6 and currently sit at fourth place in the Western Conference, even though Kevin Durant has missed the last six games. So why does it feel like they are struggling so badly?

Loud Noises podcast: Down goes KD

After a 2-1 week, the Thunder sit at 6-4 - tied for 3rd in the Western Conference. But no Durant and an ugly second-half collapse to the Celtics means there are still problems in OKC.

Marina talks Adams, KD2DC on Radio Sport NZ

Has Adams lived up to expectations? Would KD be a good fit with the Wizards?

Loud Noises podcast: A bad week and KD to DC

The Thunder responded to a 3-game losing streak with a blowout win over the Suns. Do they have an identity yet? We also welcome Jake Whitacre from Bullets Forever to talk about the Thunder (and KD's) visit to DC on Tuesday.

Loud Noises podcast: Westbrook vs Curry?

We discuss the Thunder's 3-0 start to the season, how Russell Westbrook compares to Stephen Curry and the WTLC Fantasy basketball league.

Loud Noises Podcast- Episode 1: OKC Season preview

Chris Hanneke and JA Sherman preview the 2015-16 season by making 3 predictions for the Thunder.

Can the Thunder finish the season on a good note?

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we talk about how Russell Westbrook has taken over, for better or worse. Listen in!

Westbrook vs Iverson

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we take stock of the Thunder's end of the season, and ask the question about the similarities between Russell Westbrook and Allen Iverson. Listen in!

Is Kanter worth a max deal?

Listen to the Phil Naessens Show as we talk about the Thunder and Enes Kanter's future!

Have the Thunder missed their championship window?

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we discuss Zach Lowe's recent piece on the Thunder. Have the Thunder missed their championship window?

Phil Naessens: can the Thunder keep winning?

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we review the Thunder's last week and look ahead to their huge challenges on the horizon. Listen in!

WTLC debuts on RCR Radio's Morning Hardwood

WTLC's Joey Conger joins the Morning Hardwood show to talk Thunder basketball. Listen in!

Should Andre Roberson still be getting minutes?

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we discuss Andre Roberson and the Thunder defense. Listen in!