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WTLC Hangout

WTLC's weekly Google Hangout video broadcast

Watch: Zorgon talks with Lakers Nation

Check out Zorgon's Google Hangout with Lakers Nation where they discuss the Ibaka incident, Kobe's reaction, and what is in store for tonight.

WTLC asks Sactown Royalty if hope is a good thing

The Thunder are in Sacramento tonight, so we turn to Sactown Royalty to talk not only about the game itself, but more importantly about the Kings ownership drama that has consumed the city and how it compares to the Thunder's dubious history.

Watch! Talking Harden with The Dream Shake

In this week's hangout, we talk with Tom Martin, the managing editor of the Rockets site "The Dream Shake."

Watch: WTLC is talking with Clips Nation

Lucas Hann of Clips Nation talks with WTLC about the Clippers and what to expect in tonight's huge western conference showdown.

Watch: Z and Sherman talk chemistry, Grizzlies

Zorgon and J.A. Sherman discuss the Thunder's need for a team chemist and the upcoming matchup with the Grizzlies.