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Virtual Clash: 2012 Thunder vs 1996 Sonics

Epic Ending: '12 Thunder fall short vs '96 Sonics

In the final chapter of our virtual series, the Thunder were primed to win a series for the ages on Seattle's home court, but it was not to be.

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'96 Sonics vs '12 Thunder Game 7: Instant Classic

It was a game that eerily resembled the Game 7 of the 1996 Western Conference Finals against the Utah Jazz. Would the outcome be the same?

Thunder Strike! OKC takes it to game 7 vs Sonics

The Thunder used home court advantage to earn a trip to game 7 vs the Sonics.

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'96 Sonics vs '12 Thunder Game 6: Party or Funeral

Did the '96 Sonics finally put the nail in the '12 Thunder's coffin or did OKC pull off the improbable and force a Game 7?

Game 5, Stayin' alive: OKC hangs on with 97-96 win

Another close game, but the young Thunder stayed together and avoided elimination... at least for now

Game 4: OKC on the brink, lose to Sonics 100-99

The 2012 Thunder are not faring well against the 1996 Sonics, and they are now facing elimination after dropping their 2nd game at home.

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'96 Sonics vs '12 Thunder Game 4: One for the Ages

The '12 Thunder Russell Westbrook's play is under scrutiny once again after a devastating Game 4 against the '96 Sonics.

'12 Thunder vs '96 Sonics game 3 reactions Update

In our virtual simulation between the 2012 Thunder and 1996 Sonics, Seattle pulled out the surprising OT win. Here is what WTLC and Sonics Rising have to say about it!

Game 3 recap: OKC falls to Sonics in OT, 104-99

The Thunder offense fell apart in overtime in game 3, and they surrender home court back to Seattle.

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'96 Sonics and '12 Thunder in an overtime thriller

After a heartbreaking loss in Seattle, the Thunder and Sonics up the stakes with an overtime thriller.

Thunder vs. Sonics: Game 2 reactions

We rehash Game 2 with the guys from Sonics Rising, who think the refs may have something to do with the series being all tied up.

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Sonics vs. Thunder: Game 2 Reactions

With the Sonics pulling a "Sonics" type game in game two, allowing OKC to steal home court, the pundits now dissect what happened.

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'96 SuperSonics lose a stunner to the '12 Thunder

Seattle is no stranger to controversial games. Denver 1994, San Antonio 2005, Houston 1997, and need I say more? You can now fictitiously add Game 2 of the ’96 Sonics vs. the ’12 Thunder series to that list.

'12 Thunder series 1-1 with '96 Sonics, 95-92

The shooting struggles continued, but the Thunder found a way to bring the series home all tied up at 1-1.

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Sonics-Thunder Game 1 Reactions

The first game between the Sonics and Thunder is over. Now it is time for us talking heads to breakdown the game with our friends from over at Welcome to Loud City.

'96 Sonics take down '12 Thunder: win 110-97

The '96 Sonics and '12 Thunder finished their first game as Seattle came out on top, winning 110-97.

Thunder vs Sonics clash: Karl vs. Brooks

Does either coach have the ability to swing this series?

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Sonics vs. Thunder: Karl vs. Brooks

George Karl and Scott Brooks were the two generals who led their teams into the Finals, but ultimately came up short. How do they compare in their battle against one another?

Thunder vs Sonics clash: battle of the benches

Does James Harden tip the scales in our matchup between the 2012 Thunder and 1996 Sonics?

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Sonics vs Thunder: Battle of the Benches

A squad led by Perkins and McMillan, or Harden and Collison?

Sonics vs. Thunder Matchups: Perk vs. Ervin

They play the same role, but one's notable and one's a nobody. Why? And how does it affect this matchup?

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Sonics vs Thunder: Johnson vs Perkins

1996 Seattle Supersonics vs 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder: It's the immovable object versus the irresistible force. Well not really. Ervin Johnson faces Kendrick Perkins in the battle of the centers.

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Sonics vs Thunder: Kemp vs Ibaka

In the battle of power forwards, Shawn Kemp reigns supreme.

Sonics vs. Thunder matchups: Reign Man vs. Serge

Two dominant power forwards battle it out. Shawn Kemp vs. Serge Ibaka: who has the upper hand?

Sonics vs. Thunder matchups: KD vs. Detlef

One is a league MVP and four-time scoring champion. The other is tall and may be best known as a guy that sometimes appears on "Parks and Recreation." Who prevails?

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Sonics vs. Thunder: Det vs. KD

Was Detlef Schrempf better than Kevin Durant in any way?

Sonics vs. Thunder Matchups: Thabo vs. Hawk

A clash of pickpockets and pocket shooters.

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Sonics vs. Thunder: Hawk vs. Thabo

In the battle of shooting guards, how do 1996 Hersey Hawkins and 2012 Thabo Sefolosha compare?

Sonics vs Thunder matchups: Russ vs The Glove

Two point guards that were never afraid to show their emotions. Would Gary Payton's elite defensive skills be enough to stop the relentless freight train that is Russell Westbrook?

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Sonics vs. Thunder: Payton vs. Westbrook

The first piece in our player comparisons brings a matchup of the point guards. Gary Payton vs. Russell Westbrook.

What if? '12 Thunder vs '96 Sonics, a primer

What if alternate realities converged and the 2012 Thunder played the 1996 Sonics? WTLC and Sonics Rising are going to make it happen!