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Watch: Westbrook shines on ESPN mag cover

Russell Westbrook will be featured on the cover of ESPN the mag's fashion-oriented edition.

Watch: Jackson finishes against Wizards

Reggie Jackson continues to show growth in his ability to finish plays at the rim.

Watch: Zorgon talks with Lakers Nation

Check out Zorgon's Google Hangout with Lakers Nation where they discuss the Ibaka incident, Kobe's reaction, and what is in store for tonight.

Coach Nick Breaks Down OKC-HOU, WTLC Responds

My initial reaction here is "Wow, Coach Nick is really on point." But he themes the video in a very bothersome way, casting the shadow of doubt on Russell Westbrook once again.

Watch: Team Bosh defeats Team Westbrook

Team Westbrook could not take down Team Bosh in the finals of the 2013 NBA Shooting Stars challenge.

Watch: Westbrook featured in Air Jordan XX8 spot

Westbrook's profile continues to rise. Watch him in his new Air Jordan XX8 spot.

Watch: Thunder vs Jazz video (low)lights

The Thunder had their 4 game winning streak broken in Utah. Watch the Thunder defense get

Watch the Thunder D tear up the Suns

The Thunder completed the season sweep over the Suns. Here are some video highlights.

Watch: Thunder vs Warriors video highlights

The Thunder took advantage of the road weary Warriors to dominate from start to finish.

Watch Thunder control 1st half on way to big win

The Thunder offense and defense jumped on Memphis early and they held on for the big win.

Watch: Thunder stumble against the Lakers

The Thunder concluded their 6 game road trip with a loss in L.A. Here are some video highlights.

Coach Nick Breaks Down OKC-GSW, WTLC Responds

As you can see in Coach Nick's chat with Hoopchalk above, there are a myriad of reasons as to why the Thunder were beaten by the Warriors. But I'd like to take a bit of a different approach and analyze some critical errors by Kendrick Perkins.

WTLC asks Sactown Royalty if hope is a good thing

The Thunder are in Sacramento tonight, so we turn to Sactown Royalty to talk not only about the game itself, but more importantly about the Kings ownership drama that has consumed the city and how it compares to the Thunder's dubious history.

Watch the Thunder take down the Clippers in LA

The Thunder took on the Clippers and came away with a much needed win. Check out some of the video highlights here.

Watch Thunder fall to Denver in OT

The Thunder could not overcome poor play in Denver and fell to the Nuggets in OT.

Watch Thunder beat the Mavs in OT again, 117-114

Check out Kevin Durant's game-winning shot over the Mavs and other video highlights.

Watch: Thunder vs Nuggets video highlights

The Thunder burst out of the gates early and trampled the weary Nuggets, 117-97.

Durant bombs Suns, Gortat gives quote of year

Kevin Durant punctuated last night's win with one of the filthiest slams of the season, prompting his victim Marcin Gortat to pontificate on where his car keys are.

Watch OKC highlights in their win over the Suns

Watch Durant and Westbrook take apart the Suns to the tune of 77 combined points.

Watch: Thunder vs Trail Blazers video highlights

Watch the Thunder play a strong defensive game to hold off the Blazers in Portland.

Watch Durant and the Thunder dismantle the Lakers

The Thunder took apart the Lakers on their home court. Check out the video highlights here!

Watch: Thunder vs Timberwolves video highlights

Watch the Thunder dismantle the Timberwolves in the 2nd half to win by 22.

Watch: Thunder vs 76ers video highlights

The Thunder overcame their early offensive struggles to put away the 76ers in the 2nd half.

Watch: Thunder vs Rockets video highlights

The Thunder took out the Rockets on their home court, winning 124-94.

Watch: Thunder vs Mavericks video highlights

The Thunder needed OT to catch the Mavericks and get the win to end their 2 game losing streak.

Watch: Thunder vs Timberwolves video highlights

The Thunder struggled on offense for most of the night and in the end could not catch the Timberwolves.

Watch: Thunder vs Spurs video highlights

The Thunder blasted the Spurs in the 2nd half, winning 107-93.

Watch: Thunder vs Kings video highlights

The Thunder used a dominant 2nd quarter to gain control of the game and had just enough to hold off the Kings in the end, winning 113-103.

Watch: Thunder vs Hornets video highlights

Game 3 against the Hornets wasn't pretty, but in the end the Thunder did what they had to do to pull out the win, 92-88.

Watch: "Perk" up your Christmas with sparkly bling

Kendrick Perkins teams up with local jewelers to bring sparkle to your Christmas.

Watch: Thunder vs Pacers video highlights

The Thunder overcame poor shooting with stout defense and late-game playmaking to hold off the Pacers, 104-93.

Watch: Thunder vs Lakers video highlights

A huge 2nd quarter was barely enough, as the Thunder beat the Lakers, 114-108.