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Time to Rant

Why Kobe Bryant is NOT the Reason the Thunder are in Oklahoma City

I know the premise of this article seems kind of silly, but it's a direct response to another article from The Lost Ogle. I wanted to throw out this article to set the record straight on one of the most pointed to moves in NBA history.

Fisher signing is the worst

So, in case you haven't heard, Derek Fisher was spotted at Will Rogers World Airport yesterday with Thunder GM Sam Presti and other various Thunder staff. With that initial meeting, Sam Presti may have made the first bad move of his career as a General Manager.

Why Russell Westbrook IS a Championship Point Guard, End of Story

Some of you might have read the article or seen the video from Bballbreakdown which adamantly states that Russell Westbrook is not a point guard, giving various reasons why. The site normally offers some pretty good NBA analysis, but this argument is as hardline and foolish as they come.

Why Putting Advertisements on NBA Jerseys Would be a Bad Idea for Fans AND Owners

But, as I read Kelly Dwyer's Story on Ball Don't Lie in-between games, I became even more aware of what was wrong with what I was watching. The game that I had just watched featured teams that were entirely named after their sponsor.

Poll: What do you think of the Oklahoma City Thunder's New Floor?

This is just a quick poll to see what you guys think of what the Thunder did to their home floor over the off-season.

#NBAFanVoice Day: Speak Your Mind

#NBAFanVoice Day: Speak Your Mind

Rick Reilly: Dreaming About Denver Nuggets

Rick Reilly: Dreaming About Denver Nuggets

Who will the Thunder Face in Round 1 of the Playoffs? Analysis and Predictions!

With yesterday's win over Portland, the Thunder clinched a playoff berth and extended their Division lead over the Denver Nuggets to 4.5 games. But who ends up facing them in the first round?

A Commentary on Clark Matthews Article Concerning the D-League in Relation to the CBA

Recently, Clark Matthews of has posted a commentary on DailyThunder concerning the D-League and it's general development. My thoughts on his proposals.

Looking Ahead: The Northwest Division Meat Grinder And the Rest of the Season

After a string of relatively ho-hum Eastern Conference games, the Thunder are heading into the final five weeks of the season, and the waters are going to get testy. Look inside for some predictions and insight into the upcoming games within the context of our new-look team.

We Missed Out on DeJuan Blair. So What?

This post is here to address one of my biggest pet peeves when people talk about the Thunder.

Responding Directly to the Statements Made by Charles Barkley about the Oklahoma City Thunder on TNT

While I do find the show entertaining, the analysis the crew gives is iffy at best. Because, time and time again, Charles Barkley makes outrageous statements about the NBA that are mostly untrue.

Josh Smith Angered When Ibaka Dunked Late In the Thunder-Hawks Game

When shouting at the Thunder players after the game was over, Josh Smith made it clear he was upset when the Thunder breached NBA etiquette and dunked with less than 24 seconds left on the clock, and the Thunder up by 9. To be honest, Josh Smith can go cry me a river.

The Top 5 Zorgon Mishaps

As Free Agency winds down to a close, the amount of Thunder news has slowed down to a trickle. Because of this, articles need to be made in order to fill in the time between now and the Pre-Season. Here, I take a look aback at the past two years, and some of the worst mishaps I've made while blogging.

Orlando Summer League 2010 Recap: Charlotte 86, Oklahoma City 85

This afternoon, the Thunder took on a relatively experienced Bobcat team that stuck with them until the final buzzer. Here's a quick recap of how it went.

Could Kevin Durant Take Over the Thunder?

As we all know, Mike Brown was recently fired as coach of the league leading Cavaliers. But, the Cavaliers situation has been talked about for days on end, and I'm not here to beat that dead horse. The situation I want to talk about is the one in Oklahoma City....or rather, the one that could arise.