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Thunder Film Room

Watch: Noel’s defense helps key big OKC win in Portland

The Thunder defense stepped up in the 2nd half in Portland, and Noel had multiple key plays that helped deliver an OKC win.

OKC’s hole in the pick and roll

The Thunder defense is predicated on certain principles, but are they the right ones?

Watch: ‘Hawk Set’ incorporates OKC3 to positive results

The Thunder relied heavily on a new play set at the end of the Jazz game, and its dynamic could show promise as the team looks for better offense.

Film room: Offensive Scheme and areas for improvement

As the post-season approaches, the Oklahoma City Thunder could benefit from throwing new wrinkles into their existing offensive sets.

Film room: OKC’s fast-break defense is a welcomed surprise

Oklahoma City’s surprisingly effective transition defense is paying dividends

Kanter’s post play is helping OKC bench crush opponents

The Thunder bench has buoyed OKC’s successful run as of late, and Kanter’s post passing is a big reason why.

Film Room: Why can’t OKC stop the corner 3?

Billy Donovan was wise to question his team’s corner three-point defense

Watch how the Thunder D can give OKC a chance in 7

Plenty of things went wrong for the Thunder at the end of game 6, but here are the defensive plays that went right, giving them the position to win.

See how everything broke down in game 5 loss

The Thunder let a golden opportunity slip away, on the road in game 5.

OKC is wearing down the Warriors on both ends

The Thunder are finding all the right angles against Golden State, and game 4 showed how they are getting it done.

Watch: Thunder offense, defense on point in game 3

The Thunder seized control of game 3 late in the 1st half and never let up. Here are the key plays on how they accomplished their goals.

Watch: OKC defensive switching dooms them vs GS

The Thunder came into game 2 with a defensive switching scheme that the Warriors skewered.

Film Room: OKC's defense neutralizes Warriors

The Thunder defense got stronger as the game went on and eventually OKC was able to steal a win over the Warriors.

Roberson, Waiters' defense killing Spurs' offense

The individual efforts of Roberson and Dion are paying off as the effects cumulate.

Film Room: Adams and KD Slay 4th Quarter Demons

In Game 3, a monster performance from Adams and vintage reaping from Durant allowed the Thunder to overcome their 4th quarter demons. We look at exactly how it played out.

OKC defense adjusts big time, wins game 2 vs Spurs

How did the Thunder shock the Spurs in game 2? In a word, defense.

Film Room: watch Steven Adams preserve OKC's win

In the mad finish to game 1, it was easy to overlook the defense play of Steven Adams, who almost single-handedly saved the Thunder from losing.

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Parting the Blue Sea: why OKC's defense is a sieve

What happened to the Thunder defense from a year ago?

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Thunder Defense, De-Robed

Westbrook playmaking works high and low for OKC

The Thunder used a basic lob set play to positive results, and then they got creative.

Westbrook's magic passing wins the day

The Thunder's dominant win over Minnesota was highlighted by some superb Westbrook passing. Here is one of his best!

Film Room: Waiting for the Payne

Dion Waiters and Cameron Payne showed great chemistry vs the Grizzlies. Here is our film breakdown of some of their plays.

Film room: Thunder learn how to create easy shots

The Thunder continue to improve in creating plays that give their best players something more to do than drive and shoot.

In Kanter's defense

Is Enes Kanter starting to figure out how to play defense?

KD and Westbrook are trusting team in the clutch

Donovan's new offense has the Thunder shooting the lights out, as a team.

Handle with care: breaking down Westbrook's TO's

Westbrook had a high turnover night against the Mavs. Was it a result of carelessness or something deeper?

Dion being Dion & Westbrook being Westbrook

How do you fix a Dion Waiters airball? Well...

3-ball: breaking down OKC's long range attack

How is OKC generating such great 3-point shooting this season?

Film Room: Novak takes Westbrook to next level

Novak spent 9 minutes on the floor with KD and Westbrook. We take a look.

Sniper A-Mo: OKC's secret weapon

Anthony Morrow's post-All Star Break surge has opened up the Thunder offense and confounded opposing defenses.

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Breaking Down the Defensive Breakdowns

What is going wrong for the Thunder defense to perform so poorly against 3-point shooting?

Westbrook post pick and roll passing is perfect

The Thunder added a new wrinkle to their rudimentary Westbrook post-up game.