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Thunder 2015 NBA Draft

Payne shows confidence in NBA Draft interview

Payne certainly likes to talk about himself in the third person.

Warming up to Cameron Payne, newest Thunder rookie

Eight thoughts on Cameron Payne to the Thunder.

Dakari Johnson is Thunder 2nd Round Pick

Dakari Johnson is a big, big guy. Unfortunately playing behind Karl-Anthony Towns and Wille Cauley-Stein we didn't see much of him. That didn't stop the Thunder from taking him in the 2nd round

Thunder select Cameron Payne with the 14th pick

Sam Presti keeps his promise again.

2015 NBA Draft Live Discussion

Join the WTLC crew as we discuss the 2015 NBA Draft live!

Thunder mock draft: selecting the lottery picks

How will the lottery picks fall out tonight? Here is one educated guess.

2012 Re-Draft: The 'Brow, then everybody else

In 2012, Anthony Davis was the consensus #1. But who should have been taken next?

Oklahoma City Thunder Big Board 3.0

The final Big Board of 2015.

Who will the Thunder consider in the second round?

As owners of the 48th pick in the draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder will seek value in the second round. Which prospects may provide it?

Re-draft: what should have happened in 2013?

WTLC continues its re-draft series and takes a look at what went wrong in 2013.

Would Cameron Payne Be Your Pick for OKC at 14?

Cameron Payne would not only give the Thunder a 3rd point guard, but he could give them a future 6th man of the year candidate as well. Would this get him drafted at pick 14?

How big a risk is Jerian Grant at pick #14?

Jerian Grant starred for the Fighting Irish and has the potential to play either guard position. Would he fit for OKC at pick 14?

Mock Draft: Goodman predicts Thunder take Kaminsky

Jeff Goodman's newest mock draft has the Thunder taking Wisconsin center, Frank Kaminsky.

OKC Thunder Big Board 2.0

OKC promises Cameron Payne they'll pick him, but is he at the top of our list?

Mock Draft: Ford has Thunder drafting Kelly Oubre

ESPN's Chad Ford released his Mock Draft 6.0 and has the Thunder going with a Jayhawk.

Jerian Grant: strong + nostalgia draft pick

Jerian Grant could be the backup point guard the Thunder are looking for.

**UPDATE 10:12 P.M** R.J. Hunter; worth risk?

Should the Thunder Draft R.J. Hunter? YES

Will OKC take a shot on Devin Booker's sweet shot?

Devin Booker is young, inexperienced, and possesses perhaps the best outside shot in the draft. Should the Thunder consider him?

Have Thunder Promised Pick 14 to PG Cameron Payne?

Did the Thunder make another draft day promise to a college player?

2015 OKC Thunder Big Board 1.0

The top four prospects that should be on Presti's mind as the draft approaches.

Will Presti surprise us again on draft day?

What direction will Sam Presti go in this year's draft? Be ready for another surprise.

Featured Fanshot

"You see my shirt?"

Perhaps the greatest comeback line to any question you could ever be asked. Assuming, of course, that your shirt is as awesome as Russell Westbrook's.

Kelly Oubre - a risk worth taking at pick #14?

In spite of a less than stellar season, here are some reasons why Kelly Oubre makes sense for the Thunder at pick 14.

Featured Fanshot

History of the 14th pick in the NBA Draft

Thunder pick 14th; who won & lost draft lottery?

I not sure how much less entertaining the Draft Lottery could have been. That being said, here are the Winners and Losers of the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery.

Ibaka: "I will be waiting for you, young fella!"

The former Arizona forward is looking to unleash one of his powerful dunks on Serge Ibaka once he makes it to the NBA.

Could Winning the Lottery Bring Cousins to OKC?

Would it really be possible for Demarcus Cousins to end up in OKC? Winning the NBA Draft Lottery would allow this crazy scenario to happen.

What if the Thunder Win the NBA Draft Lottery?

Here is a look at several scenarios that the Thunder could take, should they find themselves doing the impossible and winning the NBA Draft Lottery.

Featured Fanshot

Which lottery team makes the playoffs next year?

What, is this a trick question? Heck, Oklahoma City might reach The Finals next season even without the luxury of the top overall pick. While the other lottery teams are chasing a franchise player ...
Shaun Powell | | Blogtable

The 2015 Draft Gives GM Presti a Myriad of Options

The NBA draft lottery is approaching. What are Sam Presti's options?

Who could the Thunder draft with the 14th pick?

Who do you draft when you have a core of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka? The Thunder are in a rare position to find out.