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OKC ThunderCast #67:Fan Interview with Zeb Benbrook

Blayne and Michael talk with Zeb Benbrook, manager of our sister Thunder blog, Welcome to Loud City.

OKC ThunderCast #66: Not Afraid to Bring It

Kevin Durant frequently asserts himself on the court, but how does the most humble player in the NBA stick up for himself off the hardwood? Michael, Blayne, and Brent analyze the rare occasions when Durant, the NBA's most humble player, must speak out.

OKC ThunderCast #65: Return of the Thunder Lightning Round

Was signing Kendrick Perkins too aggressive? Will Jeff Green become "the one that got away"?

OKC ThunderCast #64: Fan Interview with Barrett Bray

We talk with Barrett Bray, creator of the website Find out why Barrett devoted an entire website to Serge's snubbing.

OKC ThunderCast #63: What's Green and White and Fled All Over?

Jeff Green, DJ White, Nenad Krstic, and Morris Peterson are traded. The Thunder welcome Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson, and Nazr Mohammed. Blayne and Michael discuss these deadline trades and the possible downsides of acquiring Kendrick Perkins.

OKC ThunderCast #62: Is It Tinker Time?

Michael and Blayne do NOT talk about a Jeff Green trade or the Thunder's need for a big man. We do, however, discuss two possible changes to the Thunder's starting lineup.

OKC ThunderCast #61: How to Speak Thunder

What do the Magic, Jazz, Heat, and Thunder have in common? Find out on the OKC ThunderCast.

OKC ThunderCast #60: The Kevin Durant Show

Kevin Durant elevates his game with his first buzzer beater. But this is just one sign that he has reached a new level of basketball greatness.

OKC ThunderCast #59: Please Approach the Bench

Blayne offers a radical idea on what the Thunder should do to retain Jeff Green and improve the rotation at the same time.

OKC ThunderCast #58: West v. Westbrook

Does Russell Westbrook deserve to be an All-Star? And how would losing Jeff Green affect the Thunder today?

OKC ThunderCast #57: High Rise or Cliff Dive?

Why has the Thunder's record improved while their stats have declined? Can this trend lead to a playoff run?

OKC ThunderCast #56: 2011 Thunder New Year's Resolutions

For the 3rd year in a row, Blayne, Michael, and Brent discuss what changes the Thunder should resolve to make in the New Year. Plus, hear Michael's surprising follow up to his promise to applaud the opposing team's introductions.

OKC ThunderCast #55: Dallas Mav-wrecks

Brent confesses what he really feels about the Dallas Mavericks and their owner, Mark Cuban. He also weighs in on the question of rivalry between the Mavericks and Thunder.

OKC ThunderCast #54: So-so Sefolosha?

Known for his superior defense, Thabo Sefolosha's offensive contributions are often overlooked. But should we expect even more of him?

OKC ThunderCast #53: The Curse of Serge Ibaka

Can Serge Ibaka really curse the basketball before an opponent free throw? Do French fries really distract an shooter?

OKC ThunderCast #52: Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul?

Who would you pick, Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul? The OKC ThunderCast hosts discuss and more in episode 52.

OKC ThunderCast #51: Boos and Charity

Michael poses another tough question for fans: why do we boo indisputably correct calls? Find out why the Thunder shoot and make so many more free throws than other NBA teams. Finally, we return to the question of applause for the opposing team after Brent is confronted at Thanksgiving by his sister.

OKC ThunderCast #50: Tabasco

OKC ThunderCast #49: Going Green or Green Going?

Will Jeff Green remain with the Thunder? Why have the Thunder stumbled out of the gate?

OKC ThunderCast #48: Running the Bulls Out of Town

Michael and Blayne celebrate 2010's opening night win in episode 48. They also discuss likes and annoyances from new presentations at the Ford Oklahoma City Arena.

OKC ThunderCast #47: Thunder Forecast - Can We Take the Heat?

OKC ThunderCast #46: Best of the 2010 Schedule

OKC ThunderCast Hosts Featured in Thunderland Series

OKC ThunderCast #45: Thoughts on LeBron’s State of the Union Address

Our Thunder podcast follows a tangent and responds to LeBron James’s unprecedented prime-time free agency announcement. Blayne sounds off on the exploits of the renegade superstar and compares his philosophy to that of the Thunder.

OKC ThunderCast #44: Thunder 2010 NBA Draft

In episode 44, recorded during the draft, your Thunder podcast trio share their reaction to the exciting twists and turns of draft night and speculate on the Thunder's involvement in this summer's free agent frenzy.

OKC ThunderCast #42: The Westbrook (R)Evolution

Kevin Durant has put up an MVP worthy season. But there is another Thunder player deserving of an official NBA award, Russell Westbrook could win the Most Improved Player of 2009-2010. What has Russ West done to deserve such accolades?

OKC ThunderCast #41: Dream Season Recap

The Thunder notch fifty wins and enter the playoffs as the eight seed in the Western Conference. We recap the dream that has been the 2010 regular season.

OKC ThunderCast #40: The Biggest Thunder Fan

OKC ThunderCast #39: Thunder, All Stars

Every Thunder player has been playing like a star lately. We highlight some of those who are getting less air time than the big two.

OKC ThunderCast #38: The Haunting, The Loss, and New Traditions

The ghost of Effie haunts the Knicks into a loss and the Thunder are still haunted by overtime losses. We discuss these frightening events and also talk about Thunder fan traditions we would like to see started.

OKC ThunderCast: 2010 Thunder Resolutions

Brent and Michael look back at last year's resolutions and proffer eight resolutions for this year.

OKC ThunderCast #36: Good Stuff, Maynor

The Thunder trade for Eric Maynor. Brent and Michael discuss his game and his impact on our lineup.