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Oklahoma CIty Thunder 2016 playoffs

The evolution of Billy Donovan

Billy the Kid has come a long way.

Loud Noises podcast: End of season sorrows

Saying goodbye to the 2015-16 season, praising Adams and Donovan, what to expect from KD's free agency, and the grumpiest old man take in Loud Noises history

"I will remember this when I am defeated"

The Thunder are finished in the 2016 playoffs, but that doesn't mean this has to be the end.

What could have been for OKC

In five days, the Thunder went from being on the verge of the NBA Finals to having to stress about the future. There's still plenty worth celebrating, though.

Thunder fight, but eventually quelled by Warriors

We just couldn't stop switching....

Sounds of Thunder: Legion of Thunder X

This is it, there ain't no more.

What are the Thunder's chances in game 7?

Do you like OKC's chances?

It's all on the line as Thunder challenge Warriors

How many spoonfuls of sugar does it take to get to the NBA Finals?

Watch how the Thunder D can give OKC a chance in 7

Plenty of things went wrong for the Thunder at the end of game 6, but here are the defensive plays that went right, giving them the position to win.

OKC changes the narrative; can it happen again?

Just when you think you've figured out this Thunder team, they go and flip the script. Do they have it in them to do it one more time?

This team is ready to win it all...

How OKC Is Breaking Barriers On Its Way to a Title

Thunder must adjust to beat traditional Warriors

With the Warriors always running a big, the Thunder must utilize Enes Kanter.

Oklahoma City's Steven Adams Shines In Post-Season

Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder is enjoying a breakout 2016 playoff run.

See how everything broke down in game 5 loss

The Thunder let a golden opportunity slip away, on the road in game 5.

Legion of Thunder IX; Omega-Three Fights Back

I know I predicted the Thunder to win this series in 6, but I would have been okay with five....

Thunder lose composure, game 5 to Warriors

Welp, that was a huge missed opportunity.

Durant's MVP level playoffs are shocking the world

KD is proving that leaving him off the All NBA 1st team was a bad idea.

Legion of Thunder VIII, defending "the Peake"

"The Force" is strong and getting stronger with this Thunder team.

Game 5 Preview: Thunder attempt to shock Warriors

Will Coach Kerr go back to the death lineup?

OKC is wearing down the Warriors on both ends

The Thunder are finding all the right angles against Golden State, and game 4 showed how they are getting it done.

OKC routs the Warriors again, 118-94

The Thunder are almost there.

Thunder hope to continue smallball success vs. Warriors

Big is out, small is in!

Watch: Thunder offense, defense on point in game 3

The Thunder seized control of game 3 late in the 1st half and never let up. Here are the key plays on how they accomplished their goals.

Draymond Green Deserves a Suspension

the question is will he get it?

Green's flagrant-1 on Adams; suspension possible?

Draymond Green committed a flagrant-1 on Steven Adams. Could Green be suspended for his action?

Thunder thrashes Warriors 133-105 in game 3

The Oklahoma City Thunder bounced back in a big way after a disappointing showing in Game 2 against the Golden State Warriors.

Legion of Thunder VII; Omega-Three Attacks!


Thunder defend the home front against the mighty Warriors

How tenable is Serge Ibaka?

Thunder should send Steph Curry to Waiters Island

I got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE DION!

Unprepared Thunder crushed by versatile Warriors

Bench Ibaka, give the ball to Waiters.

Barn-burning, 7-game bonanza is on horizon for OKC

This series is what sports are all about

Watch: OKC defensive switching dooms them vs GS

The Thunder came into game 2 with a defensive switching scheme that the Warriors skewered.