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OKC Sports Media Rankings

Ode to Grand Champion Berry Tramel

Almost 3 weeks since the start of our tournament we finally have a winner. This post is dedicated to OKC Sports Media King Berry Tramel

The Championship: Eschbach vs Tramel

The day has come. Al Eschbach vs Berry Tramel... Who will win? You decide.

Regional Finals Recap Quickie

It's been a bracket full of upsets, but it appears that two of the strongest candidates will face off with each other in what is sure to be an intense finals matchup. Call your friends, your neighbors, and your doctor! Voting starts tomorrow at Midnight!

Bill Teegins Regional Final: Pinto vs. Tramel vs. Patton

As I'm looking at it, after a day of intense voting, Al Eschbach has moved into a commanding lead late against Bob Barry, Jr. That means there's only one more matchup to go before we have the final, and it's all decided by you!

Bob Barry, Sr. Regional Final: Eschbach vs. Barry, Jr.

We're finally down to the Final Four (Err....5) Oklahoma City Sports Media Personalities in the Oklahoma City Sports Media Spectacular. Today we have a clash of the titans, as two of the most recognizable faces in Oklahoma City Sports Media go head to head in a battle of popularity.

Regional Semi-Finals Recap: Luschen Lays in Paradise

Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the Sports Media Personality tournament is pressing on, and we are less than a week away from crowning a winner. The bad news is that the organizer of the tournament hopped a plane to Aruba in the middle of the action. So, I had to pick up where he left off, and press onward with the tournament!

Bill Teegins Regional Semi 2: Rowland vs Patton

10th seeded Toby Rowland takes on 15th seeded Myron Patton. Not quite a heavyweight match-up, but everyone likes cheering for the little guys!

Bill Teegins Regional Semi 1: Tramel vs Pinto

We now begin semifinal play in the Bill Teegins Regional. Its Berry Tramel vs Matt Pinto. The winner may very well find their place in the championship game of the OKC Sports Media Spectacular

Bob Barry, Sr. Regional Semi 2: Blevins vs Barry, Jr.

Its the second day of Round 2 at the OKC Sports Media Spectacular. Todays match is between KWTV's Dean Blevins and KFOR's Bob Barry, Jr.

Bob Barry, Sr. Regional Semi 1: Eschbach vs Rohde

We're now down to eight. Al Eschbach and John Rohde kick-off the second round of the OKC Sports Media Spectacular.

Round 1 Recap

The epic first round of the OKC Sports Media Spectacular has come to a close. Get all the information on the first round games and a look into the future

Round 1, Day 8: Traber vs Patton

Every once in a while a great leader comes along who intices people to toss aside their differences and unite for the benefit of a common cause. Jim Traber is not that man. Mr. Polarizing takes on Fox 25 Sports Director Myron Patton in a match that is sure to be memorable.

Round 1, Day 6: Pinto vs Jones

Matt Pinto (who almost seems too professional for a bracket full of locals like these) takes on long-time football coach Pat Jones.

Round 1, Day 5: Tramel vs Carlson

The sometimes controversial Jenni Carlson takes on a central Oklahoma mainstay, Berry Tramel. Help lead your favorite to victory. Vote now!

Round 1, Day 4: Blevins vs Humpheys

We're almost halfway through with round one. Today's game features News 9 sports director against golfing and NBA insider Craig Humphreys.

Round 1, Day 3: Barry vs Rodgers

Bob Barry Jr. tries to fend off upset-minded Mark Rodgers on the third day of the OKC Sports Media Spectacular

Round 1, Day 2: Steely vs Rohde

The next match-up is a complete pick 'em between The Morning Animal's Mike Steely and The Oklahoman's John Rohde

Round 1, Day 1: Eschbach vs Holdge

The OKC Sports Media Spectacular opens up with Eschbach vs Holdge

The 2010 OKC Sports Media Spectacular!

Welcome to the 2010 OKC Sports Media Spectacular! An interactive bracket to determine the top sports media personality in the Oklahoma City area. Time to get out the brackets and start looking for those Cinderellas.