Russell Westbrook Top 10 Plays of 2014-15


Most of these are delectable, explosive dunks that will make you feel like you just got slapped in the face, but there's some varieties sprinkled in to round it out.

The Thunder 2015-16 Hype video


Yeah, this is gonna be good.

Durant: Awesome at basketball, horrible at softball


In KD's defense, it looks pretty bright out there and he has on no sunglasses..

Kevin Durant now has signature Slushes


If you combine this pondering moments of this video with the recent TMZ video it kind of makes you wonder, haha.

KD hanging out with the Biebs'


I guess you get to hang out with NBA players when you are a skeevy little twat filthy rich.

"You see my shirt?"


Perhaps the greatest comeback line to any question you could ever be asked. Assuming, of course, that your shirt is as awesome as Russell Westbrook's.

Russell Westbrook pretends he's Dirk Nowitzki


When he's not busy bending rims, Russell Westbrook likes to absorb the powers of other NBA stars.