Russell Westbrook and Nina Earl got married!


That's one heck of a wedding alter! Congrats to Russ and Nina. You couldn't paint a better picture.

Durant looks focused in NBA 2K16


That's the emotionless stare of a hungry shark right there. Unrelated: They're pretty generous with Durant's beard... but maybe it's just the shadow. NBA 2K16 comes out on 9/29/15.

Russ releases the Jordan Westbrook 0

"Growing up I always wanted to do a basketball shoe, but the different things I do off the floor in the fashion world and the different things I’m associated with outside of basketball .. I thought it was a good idea to do something different, that hasn’t been done before."

-Russell Westbrook on releasing the Jordan Westbrook 0

Steven Adams' new hairdo begat craziness


That's how they grow them in New Zealand, perhaps.

Westbrook and fiance looking fly!


Russell Westbrook and his fiance Nina Earl look fantastic at the Cedar-Sinai Sports Spectacular on May 31st. Russ also got conned into a selfie with John Salley.

History of the 14th pick in the NBA Draft


There hasn't been a ton of recent luck/success at #14, but if you look further back ... wow! Tim Hardaway and Clyde Drexler! Stats courtesy of

Westbrook threads the needle to Morrow


Sewing: one of the many past times of the Thunder.