Perkins Suspended


Was this headbutt worth it?

Russell Westbrook is too fast for you, Pelicans


Russell Westbrook is a firecracker waiting to go off at any moment.

Kevin Durant will defend his All-Star selection 1-on-1


Got a problem with Kevin Durant making the All-Star team? Play him for it. Good luck with that, NBA.

Thunder fan shows off soccer talent, uses his head


Marc Gasol showed off his soccer talents as he tried to head a ball into the hoop last week, but this fan rose to the challenge. We are Thunder fans. And we can use out head, too.

Russell Westbrook's through-the-legs assist for a dunk


Russell Westbrook put on the razzle-dazzle for a play, going through his legs for a sick pass to a streaking Andre Roberson. DUNK 'EM.

Russ Chasedown


Russell Westbrook with the amazing block.

Thunder complete the easiest full-court play ever


Nick Collison whipped a full-court pass to a completely unguarded Perry Jones. The results? The easiest buzzer-beating hail mary play ever.

Steven Adams' post-move clinic


Steven Adams hit the Timberwolves with a textbook post move for an easy bucket. Gotta' love the fundamentals.

Westbrook with the Oop to KD!


Durant going up... on a Sunday!

Thunder-Cavs Half Time, Thunder down 8


via Russell Westbrook did not have a good second quarter.