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Big League City

A 3 part interview series with Oklahoma State Senator David Holt, accompanied by various perspectives on the Thunder's arrival to OKC.

Big League City, Westbrook, come to Rwanda

Even in a small mountain village in Rwanda, the Thunder are known and Russell Westbrook is The Man.

WTLC reflects on Big League City and the Thunder

In our final installment of Big League City, our own writers reflect on what has meant to have a team to call their own.

David Holt Interview, part 3: hope for the future

Sarah Rogers concludes her 3 part interview series with OK State Senator David Holt. In the final segment, Holt discusses the future of the city, how the 1995 bombing impacted everyone, and how the arrival of the Thunder has created something new.

Sonics Rising Responds

Sonics Rising, the Seattle site that is looking for a team, has a different take on the events that brought the Thunder to OKC. Here is managing editor Kevin Nesgoda's thoughts on the matter.

David Holt Interview, part 2; how OKC came to be

Oklahoma State Senator David Holt continues his conversation with Sarah Rogers and talks about how OKC came into existence, what it meant to pursue a professional franchise, and how he feels about SonicsGate.

"Big League City," or how the Thunder happened

Sherman reviews Oklahoma State Senator David Holt's book, "Big League City," the story of how the NBA came to OKC.

Big League City: a conversation with David Holt

Sarah Rogers talks at length with Oklahoma State Senator David Holt, author of the book, "Big League City." In part 1 of our interview, Holt discusses the beginnings of how the Thunder came to be in OKC.