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Todd is an unrestricted free agent point guard in the local division two Tuesday night social league. Coming off an ACL injury suffered on the eve of last years playoffs he is currently on a Derrick Rose style #thereturn journey. The majority of the his 2012-13 season was spent trying to grow a Iman Shumpert flat top. Whilst rehabbing he is driving the Steven Adams hype train. Choo Choo!

Grading Steven Adams: Funaki makes his mark

Steven Adams' rookie campaign was a surprising success for the Thunder. Here is how he did it!

The Steven Adams Tournament of Spoils & Prime Rib

By way of New Zealand, we bring you the first ever Steven Adams tournament, highlighting Steven Adams doing Steven Adams things.

The NZhoops connection: recapping Thunder & Adams

This week in the WTLC-NZH connection, we turn once more to Todd Jones who offers up his Australian input on the Thunder and the Kiwi phenomenon.

Introducing NZ Hoops and the Kiwi connection

We welcome and announce a new partnership with NZ Hoops so that the Thunder and Steven Adams experience can be heard from both sides of the globe.