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A note regarding the future of Welcome to Loud City

From March, WTLC will no longer be funded or supported by Vox Media - SB Nation

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I do not really know to start with this note so I might as well start up top. On Friday, I was informed that Vox Media will no longer monetise or support our website as of the 28th February. Our site along with other NBA, NHL and MLS blogs were cut.

It is obviously difficult news to hear. I love Welcome to Loud City and what this community means to the fans. The population of WTLC is friendly, kind and warm-hearted; I can count on one hand the number of negative interactions that I have had during my six years as a member of the community.

It is a place where local and international fans can discuss their passion with other like-minded individuals. It is also a pillar of local coverage, we were the blog who broke the momentous news of a Westbrook contract extension in 2016.

The news of the site no longer being funded by Vox has generated a lot of conflicting emotions within myself. I became site manager in August of this year with the goal of bringing Welcome to Loud City back and restoring the blog’s good reputation. It does feel pretty cruel and disappointing that WTLC has not even been given a proper chance at realising that ambition.

On the other hand, I feel positive that Welcome to Loud City now has full autonomy and opportunity to work outside of a structure that has been tricky to negotiate. Over the last six months alone, our budget was slashed and we were asked to deliver top-quality coverage with less resource.

This cut came at an unwelcome time and it was difficult to hear but I do believe that there is a silver lining in everything. This could be the opportunity to take Welcome to Loud City to the next level while bringing own our brand of coverage.

As for the NBA network as whole, there are several other teams who share our fate. It is devastating news to hear that these long-standing communities, these sources of local information and passion will be cut.

This is now an uncertain time for the future of Welcome to Loud City but I can assure that you will be updated on the direction of the blog going forward. This is a brilliant community and I will do my utmost to find a place where the community spirit can continue on, long into the future.

Vox Media may have taken away our backing but this is our team to love. It is our site to read.

I want to say thank you to everybody who has ever read and commented on the site. You have all been amazing in supporting Welcome to Loud City through both the good and bad days.

J.D Tailor