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Vit Krejci traded to the Hawks

Krejci is sent to Atlanta as Sam Presti reduces the size of the roster


Earlier today, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Vit Krejci has been traded to Atlanta for Moe Harkless and a second round pick.

The Czech forward was taken by the Thunder in the second round of the 2020 NBA Draft and had showed a decent amount of promise as a playmaking forward. Towards the back end of last season, Coach Daigneault had Krejci bring the ball up and initiate the offense with some success. Vit used his passing vision to bring others into play and kept the reserves ticking over during a fluid portion of the season.

It is somewhat suprising that Krejci is the first one out of the door as the Thunder look to trim the roster. Krejci’s feel for the game and relentless commitment to the less glamorous end of the floor made him seem like an ideal fit for Daigneault’s system. The Thunder coaching staff like jumbo playmakers who play hard on defense and Vit fits that description to a tee.

However, Oklahoma City are currently over the roster limit and need to cut the roster to be ready for the regular season. When you eliminate sentimentality, Presti’s choice becomes more understandable. Krejci is 22 years old and plays at a position where the Thunder are pretty deep. The coaching staff do not necessarily need another player to develop at the 3.

The trade will get the Thunder closer to the 17-player roster limit once Moe Harkless is waived. Harkless is a veteran swingman who is on an expiring deal. Cutting Harkless will reduce the logjam at forward and allow Coach Daigneault to focus on finding long-term solutions in these positions.

Details about the second round pick traded to the Thunder are scarce but it is another addition to the Thunder’s pick cupboard. Presti has previously shown an ability to find gems late in the Draft and this Hawks’ pick will give him another opportunity to find a diamond in the rough.