Metric Analysis of OKC's last 12 years of draft picks

Analysis of Presti's draft picks over the last dozen years. The ones that he kept, so no Sengun, Brandon Clarke, Immanuel Quickly, Eric Bledsoe et al.) since 2010.

Good(3): Gidday, Chet, Steven Adams

Okay (3): Manny, Wiggy, J8,

Meh(5) JRE, J6, Mitch McGary, Cam Payne,.Maledon

Bad (11): Bambi, AusMan, Poku, T-Fern, Kevin Hervey???, Devon Hall, Dakari Johnson, Alex Abrines, Perry Jones III, Josh Huestis,

Clearly, Presti has been pretty crap at drafting over these last dozen years. He seemingly thinks he's smarter than everyone else and can find gems others can't see. Plus, he trusts his malingering foreign scouts far too much. My DRAFT metric would have picked much better.

All the "Bad" players contribute under 13pts (projected per 48 mins +/-) and wouldn't even be on my metric big board at all. They were all unnecessary and unlikely gambles.

As for the 3 "Good" picks, Gidday and Chet were super obvious metric choices at those spots (much like KD 19.1, Harden 15.4 and Russ ??? were) and as for Steven Adams at pick 12, my metric favoured Rudy Gobert by 3 points and Kelly Olynk too.

REDRAFT using your DRAFT specific METRIC, I hear no-one at all say. Sure why not?

In brackets are the players picked by Presti in the past dozen years that we kept on the roster, plus Sengun who we stupidly traded to Houston.

My picks are the guys the highest on my Draft Metric board still remaining at those real draft slots(BAP)—apart from the odd center because, sadly, you can’t pick one every year. Note: A lot of mymetric options were actually drafted by Memphis, this is not a coincidence.

2011 (22) Jimmy Butler 12.3 (Reggie Jackson)

2012 (28) Jae Crowder 17.7 (Perry Jones 11.2)

2013 (12) Rudy Gobert 16.4 (Steven Adams 13.4)

2013(32) Robert Covington 11.6 (Alex Abrines)

2014 (21) Clint Capela 23.7 (Mitch McGary15.5)

2014(29) Slo-mo Anderson24 (Josh Huestis 6.9)

2015(14)Tyus Jones 19.1 (Cam Payne17.7)

2015 (48) Kristaps Porzingis17/T.J. McConnell 18.4/Javonte Green18.4(Dakari Johnson11.4)

2017(21) Monte Morris 16.7 (T-Ferguson)

2018 (53) Shake Milton 16.4 (Devon Hall13.7)

2018(57) Kenrich Williams 11.4 (Kevin Hervey 10.2)

2019(21) Bol Bol 23.9/Konchar 21.5 or Brandon Clarke 20.2 (Bambi Bazely was actually swapped for Clarke.SMH)

2020 (17) Udoka Azubuike 21.3 (Poku-stick)

2020 (34)Xavier Tillman017.6 or Paul Reed 17.1 (Theo Maledon 17)

2021 (6) Josh Gidday18.5 (Josh Gidday)

2021 (16) Sengun 28.2 KEEP the draft class clear No.1,muppet.

2021 (18) Isaiah Jackson20.1 (Tre Mann13.1)

2021 (32) Jason Preston15.6 (Robinson-Earl11.1)

2021 (55) Julian Champagnie 15.8 (Andrew Wiggins9.3)

2022(2) Chet Oklaholmgren 36.7 (best player by 16.7 points)

2022 (11) Mark Williams 20 (Ousmane Dieng 7.5)

2022 (12) David Roddy 17.7 (Jalen Williams15.3)

2022 (34) Ziga Samar 18.2 or Zach Edey 17.8 (Jaylin Williams16.6)

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