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Oklahoma City vs Philadelphia 76ers - Start time, preview and game thread

Oklahoma City look to go 3-0

2022 NBA Salt Lake City Summer League - Memphis Grizzlies v Oklahoma City Thunder

Broadcast Details:

Start time - 5:00 p.m. (CT)

Broadcaster - Bally Sports Oklahoma

Oklahoma City come into tonight's game with the aim of finishing the Salt Lake City Summer League 3-0. The Thunder have played excellently over the last two nights and a win against the Sixers would be the cherry on top.

Winning is obviously important but this Summer League roster has been exciting to watch. Chet Holmgren is the stand-out name and it has certainly been fun watching him swat shots away but there have been other interesting players to watch.

Josh Giddey has looked like a man amongst boys at times and appears to be over-qualified for Summer League. He notched a triple-double with ease against Grizzlies and his production has been deeply impressive. I mean, just look at this pass.

The pass he plays is disdainful of the Grizzlies’ defense and Josh is playing with a confidence that is bordering on arrogance. There are perhaps only three players in the league who have the size, skill and court vision to make that read. To switch the ball from strong-side to weak-side through such a narrow gap is incredible.

J-Dub has been dead-on from outside but it is his mastery of the pick and roll which has surprised me. Williams is a willing passer and has great timing on his reads; he slides the ball into his teammate at just the right moment. His pick and roll chemistry with J-Will is already encouraging.

J-Dub looked like a savvy veteran last night as he used J-Will’s meaty screens to punish the defense. I have to say the idea of Tre Mann and Jalen Williams off the bench is quite exciting to me. Speaking of Tre Mann, he has exited health and safety protocols and will be available to Coach Woods for tonight's game,

Jaylin Williams has not contributed a lot offensively but I like how he plays the game. Jaylin is wholly unselfish on the court; his play style is oddly reminiscent of Steven Adams. Like the Big Kiwi, Williams will sacrifice his own personal glory for the benefit of the team.

The film speaks volumes about how Jaylin plays basketball. He does not hesitate when it comes to setting hard screens or taking charges. Williams’ innate timing on his charges just makes me smile. It is Summer League, nobody expects a player to take charges and yet Jaylin is treating the contest with the utmost respect. He wants to win at all times.

The only rookie who has not yet shined is Ousmane Dieng. Dieng has looked comfortable playing in the NBA but his shot is not dropping right now and he looks to be still adapting to Coach Woods’ scheme. Ousmane’s development was always going to be a process and I am confident that he will eventually have a break-out game.

The Thunder’s preparation in Utah will stand them in good stead when it comes to the Vegas Summer League. Oklahoma City should aim to win Summer League. Coach Woods has the roster to achieve this goal and winning is always a positive trait to imbue in a young roster.