The Second Time Around

I just wanted to say that the outcome of the Lottery on Tuesday 17th May has got me feeling really good about the future of the Thunder and the direction we are heading.

This is the Thunder's second rebuild, but I like to think of it as the Thunder's first rebuild as we took over the Seattle Supersonic's rebuild.

I love music, so I wanted to know if you had a song that best represents the Thunder's second rebuild.

Here is my list of songs

1: Second Time Around by Shalamar (Secret Clue) 12 seconds into the song, the thunder's win-loss record for next season will appear.

2: Try Again By Aaliya

3: Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House

4: Second Chance by Shinedown

5: Starting Over by John Lennon

6: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman Turner Overdrive

7: Don't Stop Believing by Journey

8: The Climb by Miley Cyrus

9: When you Believe by Whitney House / Mariah carey

10: Carry on by Fun

Please feel free to comment....

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