OK Dept. of Wildlife Conservation goes viral, grows online community


Oklahoma’s Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Twitter account is putting the spotlight on the Sooner State by gaining fans across the country. You’ve probably seen some of the tweets showing up in your timeline. They have a dose of sarcasm, pop culture references and a fun tone. 2 News reached out to OWDC to talk about their viral tweets and how they’re using this strategy to promote Oklahoma’s wildlife. Sarah Southerland, a member of the social media team, said the growing interest in the Twitter account is due to teamwork and a lot of experimenting. Southerland started with the Oklahoma City Thunder. She did a wide range of work for the professional basketball team, including production and podcasting. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she felt compelled to see what else was out there and ended up joining the ODWC. Her official role is communication and education specialist for its social media team. What's the best option for watching the Rugby World Cup online from New Zealand? 2 Answers. Best. Profile photo for Pavan Vyas.

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