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Oklahoma City acquire Miye Oni and a second round pick from the Utah Jazz

Oni will be waived and the Thunder will open up a roster spot

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

In the last hour, Adrian Wojnarowski of of ESPN has reported that the Thunder are acquiring Miye Oni from the Utah Jazz. Oklahoma City will also receive a 2028 second round pick from the Jazz.

Oni is a Nigerian-American guard who has featured sparingly for the Jazz over the last two seasons. However, the Jazz’s tax bill is increasing season on season and the team still requires a little more depth to truly be contenders in a postseason setting. Justin Zanik, the Jazz’s GM, has opted to move Oni and the pick to create flexibility with his roster.

It is astute business from Sam Presti. Oklahoma City have received a second round pick for absorbing the cost of waiving Oni. It is a low-cost transaction which only adds another draft pick to the portfolio that the Thunder currently hold.

To create space for Oni, Sam Presti has waived Gabriel Deck. Joe Mussatto of The Oklahoman reported on this transaction.

Gabriel Deck was signed last season and has barely played for the Thunder. Deck featured towards the back end of last season and played pretty solid basketball. I liked what I saw from him but the team’s circumstances has meant that his minutes have been drastically reduced.

Deck’s communication team has been vocal in expressing his desire to play regular minutes in the NBA and it finally seems that Gabriel will receive the chance to sign with another team.

For a player who has spent such a little amount of time with the Thunder, Deck made quite an impact. He brought a whole new set of eyes, thousands of passionate Argentine fans, to the Thunder. His funky style was also a delight to watch when the Thunder were in a pretty dark place. I have to say that I will miss Deck and wish him all the best with his career going forward.