2020 NBA redraft - emerging players (Part 1: registration and lottery)

Welcome to a little fun exercise. I want to suggest to hold another re-draft, this time for the 2020 NBA draft. Having fun is one purpose, the other is to gain knowledge about the youngsters, (re-)evaluate them, recognise emerging players and potential interesting trade targets for your favourite team. Here are the rules (open to change if there's better suggestions):

- 6 members of SB Nation can enter the draft, whoever posts a comment first joins

- The draft order for teams obviously remains the same. There will be a lottery for the participants though in order to determine who represents the Minnesota Timberwolves for the number 1 pick, the Golden State Warriors for the second pick and so on. In order to participate in the lottery, please choose a team that has been in the lottery at least once between 2010 and 2021 and post it in your comment for registration. Myself, I'm choosing the lottery team that scores closest to 100 points in the games between January 23rd and January 26th, if that team's taken by another participant, then the second-closest to 100 points.

- You pick how you see fit, the only condition is that the pick should be made in good faith and make some sense for the team drafting, based on how the team looks TODAY and what they need, regardless of personal bias for or against a team. Whether you prefer best talent available, positional fit, fit with regards to skillset, a mix or set other priorities is up to you. Feel free to leave a comment on your thought process for the pick though, could be interesting to read.

- We can discuss whether we pick in snake format or alternating picks. I suggest alternating to keep it simple: whoever picks 1st will also pick 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th. Please leave a comment if you prefer snake format.

- Whether we pick just the first round or the full draft is open to discussion. I suggest just the first round. Leave a comment if you prefer a full draft.

- One restriction seems necessary to me: each participant has 24 hours to post their draft choice in order for the other participants not to lose interest and in order to not stretch out the re-draft over 3 months. It would be helpful to always reply to the latest comment so it's easy to see in your profile when a new pick has been made. Should a participant fail to post his or her choice within 24 hours, then all participants jump a spot and the pick is forfeited to whoever is next. For instance, if I'd fail to pick number 4 in time and Mullayo picks 5th, then he now picks 4th but his 5th pick goes to the next participant in line and my next pick wouldn't be the 10th but the 9th pick.

- There will be an open thread after round 1 to comment on the re-draft and grade each other's picks, scrutinise, praise, compare to the original draft choices...

- All trades remain active, even the post-draft trades and even the ones that one would never make in hindsight (like giving up Desmond Bane for two second-rounders lol). Otherwise everything needs to change. This doesn't prevent that Bane won't last until the 30th pick and will be on a different team anyway but I think it keeps things a whole lot simpler nonetheless.This means for example that the Pistons, not the Trailblazers, have the 16th pick and OKC, not Minnesota, owns the 17th pick, regardless of which player is chosen at that spot. Here the draft order of teams:

#1 Minnesota Timberwolves

#2 Golden State Warriors

#3 Charlotte Hornets

#4 Chicago Bulls

#5 Cleveland Cavaliers

#6 Atlanta Hawks

#7 Detroit Pistons

#8 New York Knicks

#9 Washington Wizards

#10 Phoenix Suns

#11 San Antonio Spurs

#12 Sacramento Kings

#13 New Orleans Pelicans

#14 Boston Celtics

#15 Orlando Magic

#16 Detroit Pistons

#17 Oklahoma City Thunder

#18 Dallas Mavericks

#19 Brooklyn Nets

#20 Miami Heat

#21 Philadelphia 76ers

#22 Denver Nuggets

#23 Minnesota Timberwolves

#24 Denver Nuggets

#25 New York Knicks

#26 Boston Celtics

#27 Utah Jazz

#28 Minnesota Timberwolves

#29 Toronto Raptors

#30 Memphis Grizzlies

Have fun!

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