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Thunder media day recap

Oklahoma City Thunder v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Thunder Media Day has come and gone. In total, 18 individuals took time speaking Monday, including a head coach, 15 roster players, and two two-way players.

Let's recap and see what the most noteworthy thing each person said when it was their turn to get on the podium:

Mark Daigneault

Daigneault restated the same goals for this season as last. It is about player development and having a blank canvas on what this team could be with so many young players.

He also said that a strength of this team is how versatile the roster is.

Lastly, he said that the entire roster is healthy, except for Derrick Favors, who is dealing with some knee swelling but is expected to be fully healthy by the time the regular season kicks off.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

SGA said that he is fully recovered from the plantar fasciitis that forced him to miss the last two months of the season last year. When asked to map out a timeline when he knew he was completely back, he said it happened in the middle of the summer.

"It was a little bit of time in the summer where I felt like 'OK; I'm completely back.'"

He also said that he would work out towards the end of the season and the beginning of the summer, and it would flare up a little bit.

When asked about his contract extension, he agreed that it was a dream come true, but that will not stop him from working hard and improving.

Mike Muscala

Muscala emphasized that he will be embracing the veteran role being the oldest player on the roster by two weeks over Favors. In terms of playing time, Muscala said that he would do whatever the team asked of him.

When asked what he likes about the Thunder, Muscala praised Oklahoma City and the positive experiences he's had with everybody within the organization.

"I love the city itself. I think there are many parts of the city that you don't get to appreciate when you're on an away team, and living here the last two years, I've been very happy with my time. Just feel like I'm always discovering something new about the city, and it's been fun."

Derrick Favors

Favors was very transparent about his status with the Thunder. He stated that he was not a fan of the trade when it first occurred but quickly bought into the leadership role he was provided. The 30-year-old also said that he would do whatever the team asked of him and acknowledges the possibility of being traded down the line.

Favors also brought up Chris Paul and Al Horford when citing examples of how the team treats their veterans right if they buy in.

Lu Dort

Dort mentioned that he lost weight this offseason as a way to get quicker.

"I lost a couple of pounds, and I've been boxing, going to some jiu-jitsu, track, playing soccer and tennis."

He also praised his time playing in the Olympics and wants to play for Team Canada again in the future.

Darius Bazley

Bazley also mentioned how he gained muscle in the offseason. Bazley sung Coach Daigneault.

"Mark, he's an amazing person. I'm so grateful to be coached by him. On and off the court, he's helped me grow so much... When it comes to basketball, whatever Coach Mark asks of me, I'm going to make sure it gets done."

Kenrich Williams

Williams spoke highly on SGA as the type of player and leader he is.

"Ever since Day 1 of training camp last year, Shai's always been locked in... Watching him every day, he puts the work in. He's very confident in himself. I feel like he's one of the best young players in the NBA."

He also praised Favors, whom he was teammates within New Orleans in 2019, saying he is a great leader that leads by example.

Ty Jerome

Jerome said he was super excited when he found out that his former UVA teammate, Mamadi Diakite, was signed by the team Sunday night.

When asked about SGA, Jerome praised him.

"He's super humble about it. He's a great teammate every day. He comes in, treats every single person in the building the same way. He comes in trying to get better every day. So I think he handles it as well as I think anybody can. He's one of the best teammates I've ever been around at any stage of my life. He handles it in a great way."

Josh Giddey

Giddey said that his ankle is fully healthy. He also said that the most significant difference between the NBA and NBL is the spacing, with the former providing more than the latter.

Giddey also said that it was a dream to be drafted by the Thunder because of family proximity within Oklahoma.

"This was like a dream. We always used to joke about this like a year ago, like imagine I go to Oklahoma and end up here and we're all close together, but it happened. Hannah is like an hour down the road in Oral Roberts. It's great to have the family close. We're on opposite sides of the world now, but hopefully, throughout the season, they can get back over here if the border restrictions allow that, and then we're all together. So it's a perfect situation for us. It's not like I'm in another state, then Hannah has to fly to me, or I have to fly to her. It's like we're all here already. It's perfect for the family. We can all be together at once. So yeah, this was like a perfect situation for us."

Aleksej Pokusevski

Poku said he has been eating more this offseason and has made many improvements that he can't wait to show off when the season begins.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

JRE said the reason he chose #50 as his jersey number is for his dad, who wore that number in high school.

"He was super happy when that happened. Just something being able to — because he never — he got hurt in college, not being able to live out his dreams of being in the NBA, so I just wanted to honor him with that, being able to — he can live through me in that sense of I'm No. 50 because of him."

Vit Krejci

Krejci said last week was the first time he played pickup basketball since he tore his ACL last year. He said he was cleared to play.

Krejci also said that he spent most of last season hanging out with Poku and Gabriel Deck.

He also said SGA is a great person and doesn't think his rookie max extension will change his approach.

"Shai is one of the most positive persons I've ever seen. He tries to look at everything positively with a big smile. So I think that's a good approach to everything in life, not just basketball but everything."

Gabriel Deck

When asked about the offseason rumors of him potentially leaving the Thunder to go back to Europe, Deck denied them and said they were not true.

Tre Mann

Mann describes his game as being very versatile.

"I think I'm versatile so that I can play either on the ball or off the ball, and also I can score and make plays for my teammates, so whatever Coach needs me to do, I think I could do that. Whether that be on the ball or off the ball, making plays or scoring."

Theo Maledon

With a backcourt logjam, Maledon said that he embraces the competition and ultimately thinks it'll be good for the team.

Aaron Wiggins

When asked about his thoughts on the potential of playing both G League and NBA games at Paycom Center this season, Wiggins said he is prepared for that scenario.

"I've given it thought. Just going to try and be prepared for everything that I have and every opportunity I get."

Paul Watson Jr.

When asked about his experience with the Raptors, he said the team has many great veterans and leaders on it.

"I felt like it did a lot. I played around with a great group of guys—a great veteran in Kyle Lowry. A guy who helped me is Norman Powell. He took me under his wings."

Isaiah Roby

The former Cornhusker said he could attend Nebraska vs. Oklahoma game a couple of weeks ago thanks to Thunder Owner Clay Bennett letting him watch in his suite. He said it was a fun experience to go with some of his teammates.

He also said that it was tough to play games and take college courses last season. He mentioned how he would juggle assignments and readings with getting ready to play games. He said he is grateful that part of his life is behind him now that he has got his degree.