What is your six pick mock draft for the Thunder?

OKC have picks 6,16, 18, 34,36 and 55. Who would you take at those spots?

No trading out. It's a deep draft.

Players who should be available and I'd take at 6 with their ESPN ranking. Sengun (14), Barnes (6) Wagner (10) Jalen Johnson (12), Giddey (11)

Unfortunately it looks like we can't get two of them as the next pick is 16. If one of them falls however I'd snap him up.


My draft -using ESPN's draft board

6) . PF Alperon Sengun: The 18 year-old Turkish freak. Think Kanter on speed. Number 14 on ESPN, number 1 on my board and metric both,

16) PF/C Isaiah Jackson, 19 on ESPN, 24 on my metric. Young upside Kentucky big.

18) SG Jared Butler, 21 on ESPN, 18 on my metric. Slick, efficient all-rounder. Health? Heart concerns?

34) C Charles Bassey: 35 on ESPN, number 9 on my metric. A stat stuffing center who can shoot the 3

36) PG Jason Preston: 43 on ESPN, number 5 on my metric. Tall pass first, rebound 2nd PG who has only been playing the game since high school, hence still has a lot of upside. Think Lonzo Ball.

55) PG Jaquori McLaughlin: 99 on ESPN, 17 on my metric, an older PG who can guard 1-2. 4 star recruit who can do it all. Or not on ESPN radar, Justin Champagnie a SF/PF who hustles and does it all. Kenny Hustle II



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