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Thunder win tiebreaker over Cavs

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OKC increases its chance of getting a Top 6 pick

2018 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA conducted their draft tiebreakers today, which included the tie for the 4th best odds between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers. The Thunder won the tiebreaker and now have a better chance at landing the 5th and 6th picks.

Both teams still share equal chances of getting the fourth overall pick at 45.1% and the first overall pick at 11.5%, the only difference being that the Thunder now own a higher floor than the Cavaliers in terms of where the pick could land.

It is also worth noting that if the Thunder fall to the eighth overall pick (2.4% of happening), then they will own the Rocket’s fifth overall pick.

Overall, Thunder fans should be excited with this news. The team now has a 55.1% chance of landing a top five pick. Any advantage a team could get when it comes to such a luck based simulation, like the lottery, should be taken.

The draft lottery will be held on June 22.