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Charlie Brown Jr signed to a multi-year deal

Brown Jr gets a contract

Utah Jazz v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Around 9:30 PM (CT), Andrew Schlecht of Down to Dunk reported on Twitter that Charlie Brown Jr has been signed to a multi-year deal.

The young forward from Philadelphia had previously played two 10-day contracts with the Thunder. With Brown Jr’s 10-day contract expiring, the Thunder had to make a decision about whether Charlie Brown Jr would be signed to a full NBA deal or let go back into free agency.

Brown Jr excelled in the G-League with the Iowa Wolves but he has had a tougher time in the NBA as part of the Thunder’s rotation. The Thunder choosing to retain Brown Jr is pretty interesting. I personally believe that Brown would develop greatly in the G-League and that this contract is a way of keeping Brown on the books during that phase of his career.

It is unknown how his contract will be structured at this point. Given the Thunder’s recent history with signing G-League players to the main roster, it is probable that Brown Jr’s contract will have few guarantees after the current season.