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Podcast: Recapping the Hawks Game and the Ariza Trade

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The WTLC Rolling Thunder Podcast is here

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Do you often find yourself thinking “wow, I wish I could hear more of this person’s thoughts, perhaps in audio form?” while reading the articles here at Welcome to Loud City?

Great news, now you can. WTLC writers J.D. Tailor, Clemente Almanza, Trey Hunter and Ben Mertens have launched a new podcast. Today, the guys recap this week’s losses to the Hawks and Bulls and break down the Trevor Ariza trade. They then discuss the development and future of Lu Dort and Darius Bazley.

You can listen to the WTLC Rolling Thunder podcast via the embedded player in this article, or at Spotify, iTunes or anywhere else you get your podcasts. Don’t forget to subscribe.