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Mark Daigneault explains the decision to send Tre Mann down to the Blue

Tre Mann will spend the next week with the Blue

Denver Nuggets v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced that the team has optioned Tre Mann to the OKC Blue this evening.

Mann, the 18th overall pick of this past draft, has played sporadically so far this season. His minutes logged in during the first five games has gradually decreased from 15, 13, 10, nine and five.

When asked about the decision, Thunder Head Coach Mark Daigneault mentions that Mann will be with the Blue during the Thunder’s road trip, which spans nine days (Oct. 30 to Nov. 7.) The Blue opens its season on Nov. 5.

Daigneault said that this decision has been premediated and recalls how he spoke to Mann about it before the season opener. He emphasized that this has nothing to do with his performances.

Daigneault also mentioned that the team will continuously call players up and down between the NBA and G League throughout the season, citing limited opportunities with the Thunder as a motivation behind it.

Daigneault said that he wants player to be given the chance to play games and a chance to be focal points on offense. Considering Blue Head Coach Grant Gibbs and Daigneault run similar offenses and defenses, the transition between the two should be seamless.

Daigneault also mentioned that this will be the case for several other players as well this season.

When asked about Vit Krejci being called up and down several times over the past few days, Daigneault mentioned that Krejci needs time to practice more and be the focal point on offense as he is returning from his ACL injury.

It sounds like Krejci and Mann are the first two dominos to fall when it comes to the Thunder treating the Blue like a Minor League Baseball Team — even going as far as hinting that players can play in Blue afternoon home games and suit up for Thunder night home games on the same day.

I’m all for it, having both the NBA and G League affiliate share the same arena has a ton of advantages to it. It makes sending players up and down practically easier and it does not look like a demotion since they share the same court.

The Thunder are notorious for using the G League properly and this is just another example of it.

All in all, it looks like Tre Mann needs to finish some more broccoli before he gets his Skittles.