Why the Thunder should enter Bradley Beal sweepstakes

It seems Sam Presti has acquired a couple of extra picks over the last two offseasons. With 18 firsts, from now until 2027, there's no way the Thunder will actually draft 18 players. Sooner or later, they will want to make a move for an established star.

In my humble opinion, that star should be Bradley Beal.

Now, I know that this is supposed to be a developmental year for the squad, and that with a team full of raw prospects, they won't be competing for a title this season or even next season. Still, with SGA's rapid ascension and Lu Dort looking like the second coming of Kawhi Leonard, I think their time will be much sooner than predicted. Add in a star like Beal, and it will put the process into overdrive.

Granted, he is a little older than the rest of the young Thunder core, but he is only 27. He's still young enough to remain in his prime at the time that Gilgeous Alexander and the others will enter theirs, so the age difference shouldn't be that big of a deal.

The question then becomes, would Beal be patient enough to make it two likely mediocre seasons before truly competing, given that he's been in a similar situation his entire career at Washington?

The difference in culture between OKC and DC is what I believe would make all the difference, and could convince Brad to buy in.

The Thunder organization has shown since their inception that they are willing and able to build and maintain a consistent, winning culture, something that the Wizards have proven unable, or unwilling, to do for the length of his tenure there. Couple that with the fact that, at the least, he would have a shot at the postseason/play in during the "restructuring" season, and I feel like the Thunder would have a decent chance at retaining him long term.

Bottom line: At some point in time, the Thunder will want to cash in on all those picks. They're not likely to find a much better player than Beal, whether through the draft or a trade with another team.

I believe Sam Presti should, at the very least, make a call and see what it would cost to acquire Beal should the Wizards indeed decide to move him, as many predict.

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