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Thunder forward Mike Muscala placed in NBA’s concussion protocol

Oklahoma City Thunder v Boston Celtics Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Mike Muscala suffered a concussion after hitting his head on the floor, just one minute after entering the game in the first quarter against the Denver Nuggets.

Muscala suffered a cut above his right eye as a result and didn’t return to the game.

On Tuesday, the team released a statement saying Muscala was placed in the league’s concussion protocol and will “now begin the NBA’s mandated return to participation protocol.”

Before Muscala can return to any basketball activities, he must go through a series of steps that are designed to make sure a player exhibits symptom-free behavior.

There is no predetermined timetable to complete the protocol, the team said in the release.

In 43 games during this season, before it was suspended back in March due to COVID-19, Muscala averaged 4.5 points and 2.2 rebounds in 11.5 minutes per game.