Small Ball Future?

1st time posting on here but just wanted to know what everyone thought about this. Looking toward the future here, maybe not the right time for this but while I’m watching this series with the Rockets a few things are coming to mind. 1.) Rockets are somehow playing great defense against us while we clearly outsize them. 2.) They are fast, and have great ball movement. 3.) While Steven Adams is really good at some things, sometimes I think he is just too slow and too limited for today’s game. So here’s my overall thought that I want to bring up today.

How much of a difference do you think we would see if we brought back Noel and traded off Adams how much worse would we be? I see someone in Noel who may be less of an offensive threat than Adams, but is athletic enough to be a great rim protector and can also switch to smaller players unlike Adams. Let alone I think we could trade Adams into a very good draft pick. In no way would I actually want to help the Warriors but I’m thinking they need a Center and we potentially have two. Even if we didn’t want to trade with them I think we could easily get a lottery pick and grab someone like maybe Isaac Okoro? The SF from Auburn who is debatably the best defender in the class.

Then with our late 1st pick I would love to target a guy like Paul Reed the PF from DePaul. I think he’s a Jeremi Grant clone. He plays great defense, can shoot the 3, and has the length to guard the 3-5. We could play a small ball lineup that is fast and versatile on defense. We’ve already been playing Bazley at the 5 occasionally. We could send out SGA, Dort, Okoro, Reed, Bazley and really spread the floor out and let SGA go to work.

While I think we should stick with Chris Paul atleast one more year because he has so much to teach the young guys, you can really see it on the court already. Let alone behind the 5 starters above we could bring Diallo, Ferguson, and Noel off the bench. Maybe we bring back Schroeder (the deserving 6th man of the year too).

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