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SB Nation Reacts - Playoff edition

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Miami Heat v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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There has been nothing normal about the 2020 NBA playoff picture. The hottest team in the league may be the last one to earn a playoff spot and it would be easy to believe a dark-horse team could make a run to the NBA Finals.

With that in mind, the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey took a different view of this year’s playoff bracket. Fans were asked to seed the playoffs, 1-16, without the restrictions of conferences. The results have seven teams from the east and 9 from the west.

The Milwaukee Bucks earned the top spot in the league, followed by the two Los Angeles teams.

These seeds would provide an entertaining first round that would feature three east vs. west matchups and a first round series between Damian Lillard and Paul George/Patrick Beverley.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks vs. 16. Brooklyn Nets
  2. Los Angeles Lakers vs. 15. Phoenix Suns
  3. Los Angeles Clippers vs. 14. Portland Trail Blazers
  4. Toronto Raptors vs. 13. Philadelphia 76ers
  5. Boston Celtics vs. 12. Utah Jazz
  6. Houston Rockets vs. 11. Dallas Mavericks
  7. Denver Nuggets vs. 10. Indiana Pacers
  8. Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat

If ever there were a year to do away with conference alignment, it would be the 2020 bubble.

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