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SB Nation NBA Disney Draft: Thunder draft James P. Sullivan with No. 11 pick

The Hopkins Center For The Arts At Dartmouth College Presents “A Tribute To Pixar” Photo by Jude Domski/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios

Since NBA players are heading to Mickey Mouse’s neighborhood to restart the season, our leaders at SB Nation wanted to spread some magic by hosting a mock draft that only included Disney characters.

James P. Sullivan would be the perfect addition to an already-stacked Oklahoma City Thunder team because the man is scary with a sweet soul that could light up any defense.

Also, watching him throw alley-oops would be fun to watch.

Sullivan is also 7’6, which in NBA terms is huge to have on a team. He could block a lot of baskets and throw the basketball down the court with ease and could easily score on everyone without much effort.

Sullivan would fit perfectly in with the Thunder because he has a laid-back attitude and I could definitely see Steven Adams and him being best of friends and scaring other teammates with each other.