If OKC Thunder was a chess board

I went to countdown Supermarket and brought me a box of 15 flame beers for $20 NZD and as I am drinking and listening to the coast radio station I decide to flick through twitter and I see Steven Adams posting a picture of a chess board. I don’t know what it means or wether Adams is just trolling the social media sites.

But it got me thinking. What if OKC Thunder was a Chess Board and what pieces would each player represent keeping in mind that there are going to players that miss the cut and the rest of the team will be pawns.

KING Chess Piece(Chris Paul) Future Hall Of Famer and quite frankly a great leader

QUEEN Chess Piece (Shai Gilgeous Alexander) Future Franchise Leader and because there is not a prince chess piece)

BISHOPS Chess Pieces ( Dennis Schroder, Darius Bazley) two very important players for the Thunder now in Schroder and for the future in Bazley)

KNIGHTS Chess Pieces (Andre Roberson, Lu Dort) when I think of the knight chess piece being able to jump in an L Direction, I think of the lockdown defensive players on the team.

CASTLES Chess Pieces ( Adams, Gallanari) the castles are the foundation of the team. They are the rock solid players that you can rely on to perform.

PAWNS Chess Pieces : Rest of the team.

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