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Leave it to Steven Adams to bring us healthy dose of perspective during pandemic

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The man is unbothered having to celebrate his 27th birthday inside the NBA bubble: “We’re living at a bloody resort.”

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

We can always count on Steven Adams to bring us a healthy dose of perspective during a pandemic.

Also, the man is not bothered one bit having to celebrate his birthday inside the NBA bubble.

Twenty-two teams are currently chillin’ in Florida as they (and everyone else) wait for the NBA season to restart.

There have been many players (who make more money then some of us will ever see in our lifetime) complaining about the “conditions” they are currently living in Orlando.

Well, Oklahoma City Thunder’s very own Adams is looking at the bright side of life regarding these “horrible conditions” that some of the players have spoken about.

FOX23 News sports reporter spoke to Adams about how living in the bubble with everyone has been, and Adams did not hold back.

“It’s been good,” Adams said. “Let’s be clear, mate. This is not Syria, mate. It’s not that hard, and it’s not that difficult. We’re living in a bloody resort. Everyone will complain, and everyone has their preference, but it’s nothing too serious.”

“There’s a bit of dry food here and there. You get bored now and again, but it’s all good, man. You get to meet other players from the other teams, so it’s been cool.” Adams concluded.