Five Reasons Why the OKC Thunder will Dominate the Decade

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Five Reasons Why the OKC Thunder will be the NBA's Team of the Decade

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Ever since Kevin Durant left three years ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder have never won a playoff series. Thunder fans were optimistic that things would get better when they traded for Paul George, and even more so when he re-signed, committing long-term to their city and their favorite son Russell Westbrook. But in their two seasons together in Thunder blue, PG and Russ only garnered a grand total of three playoff wins between them. They were eliminated by the Jazz and rookie Donovan Mitchell in 2018, then last year Damian Lillard delivered the coup de grâce.

That shot and wave by Dame ended up as the final goodbye to the last remaining vestige of OKC’s first era of basketball. But just as quickly as things unraveled in Oklahoma City, the blueprints for building the next era of Thunder basketball were already being set in motion.

Here are five (5) reasons why the Oklahoma City Thunder are positioned to rule the 2020s:

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Five Reasons Why the OKC Thunder will be the NBA's Team of the Decade

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