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Chris Paul brings Stephen Curry onto his Instagram Live, reminisce about viral moments

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NBA: Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the coronavirus keeping NBA players on the sidelines, Oklahoma City Thunder’s Chris Paul decided to have some fun. He brought Golden State WarriorsStephen Curry onto his Instagram Live Monday to reminisce.

Two topics that struck a chord with fans were Paul’s fake laughed at Warriors head coach Steve Kerr in 2018 and Curry (almost) breaking Paul’s ankle’s with a crossover in 2015.

First up, the infamous 2015 play where the Warriors star absolutely destroyed Paul’s ankles with a crossover when Paul was with the Los Angeles Clippers.

When fans got in on the action, hilarity ensued between the two NBA stars.

“Listen, man, listen, listen, he got me,” Paul said while laughing.

”The funniest part of [it is] how many times we’ve all been dropped,” Curry responded. “You done dropped me at least three times, I got you that one time in L.A., Brandon Jennings got me my rookie year. Like, you can never, ever live it down.”

Paul also touched on a moment that occurred between Kerr and him during a 2018 game when Paul was with the Houston Rockets.

In the clip, Kerr appeared to be joking around with Paul, who smiled and pointed at Kerr before turning stone cold.

When a fan asked CP3 about the exchange — which has since become a popular meme — Paul explained he fake-laughed because “wasn’t s--- funny.”

Here’s hoping that once basketball returns, Paul continues to do these live segments and brings more of his famous friends on.