OK, I'm calling it...

...stick a fork in this season, it's done.

There won't be a sudden death mini tourney to decide seeding, there won't be any shortened playoff best of 3 or 5 series, there won't be conference finals, let alone grand finals, and there won't be an NBA champion team for 2020, not even if it were held to great fanfare on the deck of an aircraft carrier with Tronald Drumpf in attendance claiming victory over the coronavirus.

Covid 19 wins, flawless victory!!!

And that is such a shame, as we were rolling into the playoffs and coming into shape for what would have been a deep run, possibly all the way to the big show.

CP3, the alchemist, was turning lead into gold in converting a rag tag bunch of misfits, castoffs and prospects into a solid, dependable consistent team which he very much had control of. Every aspect of what they did on court, especially during the all important crunchtime, was dependent on the most godlike qualities he summoned nightly and it came to pass.

Off court he dressed them in finery, showered them with gifts and praise, fine food and showed them the promised land, then said 'follow me, we got this!'

Meanwhile, Bildo the Undermined had lost his timid hobbit ways. With Westbrook and George gone he was assuming the role of coach, as though Frodo might have done after ditching the ring into Mt Doom and deciding to coach samwise and the hobbiton globetrotters to the one ring championship of middle earth.

Those fucking orcs and soft as fuck elves wouldn't have stood a chance despite having the height advantage. And the dwarves and humans? Meh.. too ill disciplined and emo. The hobbits had chemistry and for what it's worth magic ain't allowed in their league, PEDs are and Gandalf is a wizard at cooking up that shit!

Thankfully, we also still have Magic Sam the Prestidigitator, a wizard in his own right, who with the wave of a hand and a mastery of jedi mind fuckery can still talk his way into opponents fortress to raid them of all they hold dear and worthy.

A man with a plan who understands there is no Plan B. Plan A accounts for every contigency and possibility. Execute the plan flawlessy and if by the uncertainty principle that allows for chaos to reign, trust yourself that you have the power to just plain wing

Sadly, and in reality, this Thunder team will never be all it could have been. The chemistry, the leadership, the coaching the camaraderie, all flushed away like a used tissue or cheap face mask at a rest home.

But there is hope!

We should all live in hope, not fear or regret for what may be or what might have been. So yeah, let's hope for the best, but always, always plan for the worst.

Ia manuia lou malaga ma soifua, which in a language of my chosen ancestors means, enjoy the journey and good health...

Fa'afetai lava/Thank you!

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