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Thunder’s Steven Adams, Spurs’ Mills jam out for fans on Twitter

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Steven Adams via Twitter

While the coronavirus has everyone stuck indoors, two NBA players decided to put their musical skills to good use by entertaining their Twitter followers on Wednesday.

San Antonio Spurs Patrick Mills posted a video of him strumming a guitar for his “quarantine song of the day.”

The Thunder’s Adams followed it up with a tune of his own.

NBA players haven’t played a single regular-season game since March 11 after the season was suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus far, the virus has killed 50,000 people worldwide, according to the Washington Post.

ABC News reported that four players who tested positive for the coronavirus would get their blood tested.

Marcus Smart, a guard for the Boston Celtics, confirmed through his agent that he is one of the players who will opt into the program, ABC News reported.

Smart announced on Twitter that the Massachusetts Department had cleared him of Health after his diagnosis.