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In the Novo Pod Ep. 39 - Mike Miller

A podcast done by our very own: Ryan Novozinky with Mike Miller, Memphis Assistant Coach.

This current edition of the ‘In the Novo’ podcast was created by Ryan Novozinsky, a new member of the ‘Welcome to Loud City’.

I recommend this pod as it discusses Darius Bazley and his path to the league. For those who do not know, Mike Miller spent last season working with Bazley to develop his skills. The podcast provides insight on Bazley’s unorthodox route to the league, it is well documented that Bazley interned with New Balance but many ignored Bazley’s training sessions with Mike Miller.

From the interview, you can clearly tell that Bazley takes the game seriously, he even moved into Miller’s home in Memphis so that they could work all day, every day. The other aspect of the conversation which stood out to me was Miller’s perspective on Bazley’s growth going forward. Mike was very candid about Darius needing to become a better spot-up shooter, a necessary skill in a league which is somewhat shooting dominated.

The second part of the podcast was surprising for me as Ryan managed to get an interview with Steve Wright, Bazley’s old high school coach. Wright, who has now moved onto coaching at Cleveland State, spoke about how Bazley was a standout player from day one.

The podcast itself is only nine minutes long, the perfect little pod for a coffee break. If you like the pod, make sure to give Ryan feedback on SoundCloud and listen to some more of his content. Ryan covers a lot of ground regarding to sports in Oklahoma and is a good listen if you want to get interesting discussions about college sports and pro basketball.