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Two Thunder players test positive for COVID-19

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These players will not take part in the initial stages of training camp

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Coach Mark Daigneault announced on Sunday afternoon that two Thunder players have tested positive for COVID-19. Players who test positive for COVID-19 will stay anonymous per NBA guidelines. The Thunder had 11 to 15 players today for the first team practice of camp.

48 NBA players tested positive for COVID-19 between Nov. 24-30. The Thunder having two players test positive is not a statistical outlier; in fact the evidence suggests that this occurrence is fairly normal. Portland have also been afflicted by COVID-19.

Earlier today, the Blazers closed their practice facility for deep cleaning after three members of their organization tested positive for COVID-19. The Thunder will most likely perform the same protocols with their situation.

This will likely delay training camps but safety is paramount at this moment in time. It is important for the Thunder to deal with COVID-19 quickly and effectively.