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SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft: WTLC selects Leandro Bolmaro 25th

Barcelona v Bilbao Basket - Liga ACB

With the NBA Draft just a week away, it’d only be right that SB Nation NBA’s 22 team sites, along with the network at large, created a mock draft.

So here at Welcome to Loud City, we share with you whom we drafted for the Oklahoma City.

Leandro Bolmaro, a 6’7” small forward, showed flashes of his potential playing for FC Barcelona this season. Bolmaro has great height for the position and is pretty strong technically.

However, Bolmaro needs to fill out his frame; he is too skinny to impact the NBA at present. At just 185 pounds, Bolmaro needs to add weight to survive the physicality and rigor of an NBA season.

Bolmaro is a left-field pick, but there are benefits to bringing him to the Thunder. The choice would give the Thunder a playmaker at the forward position. This would fit nicely with the Thunder’s motion offense.

Bolmaro came off the bench for Barcelona last year and was placed in many pick and roll actions. Bolmaro averaged just 11 minutes per game, but he was productive in these minutes as he averaged three points and nearly two assists.

His stat line came while playing in the Spanish first division, the Liga ACB. In this division, Bolmaro faced some of Europe’s best talents, and this has to be considered when you look at his numbers.

His numbers improved significantly with more playing time in the Spanish third division. Bolmaro spent a decent portion of last year with FC Barcelona B. In the third division, LEB Plata, he played 27 minutes a game and averaged 15 points per game and four assists.

Another positive of Bolmaro’s game is his free throw shooting.

Bolmaro shot 83% from the free-throw line in the Liga ACB with Barcelona. Bolmaro can create his shot and get to the rim, which is always a positive for a team.

Bolmaro can capitalize on accessible opportunities when he’s fouled.

On the negative, Bolmaro is not an elite shooter for his position. Bolmaro shot just 27% from three off the bench for Barcelona.

Bolmaro will need to work on his shot to have any chance of being a valuable contributor to the Thunder.

This shooting woe may deter the Thunder from drafting Bolmaro with their pick late in the first round.

Oklahoma City already struggles to spread the floor as is, so adding another unreliable shooter to the team is a risk.

Bolmaro was a late bloomer, so his best years may come in the NBA.

Overall, he can give the Thunder a point forward off the bench so Dennis Schroder doesn’t have to be fully responsible for creating all the plays for the bench unit. He’s versatile and he’d be a solid addition to the team.

Although, Bolmaro would be a more significant risk at the 25th spot for the Thunder than other potential draft prospects.

It is something for Presti to decide.

Is Sam happy taking the extra risk for the potential rewards that Bolmaro could bring to OKC?

Only time will tell.