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‘Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all’

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Hello I Must Be Going

And now for some personal news...

I have decided to step down from my role as Editor-in-Chief of this fine site after only a few months.

This announcement comes with a truckload of disappointment, as I was rather excited to land this opportunity. During the interview process, I pitched a number of ideas on how to steer the site and serve the loyal Thunder fanbase. I imagined several ways that WTLC could separate itself from similar sites.

And it would be so much fun!

But making that all work requires a level of time and attention that I can no longer deliver. Rather than allow the site to languish and fail to meet the reader’s expectations, I decided it would be best to give someone else a better crack at it. Expect to see a new job posting soon.

I’d like to thank Seth Pollack and JA Sherman for putting their faith in me and giving me a chance. Special thanks to the staff of writers as well for their work and patience during our brief time together: Dom Flaim, Reid Belew, Ben Mertens, Mark Bruty, Nike McNair, Jeff Linka, Bobby Chancellor, Kevin Nesgoda, William Brewer, and others that I hopefully have not missed.

Thanks for giving me some space to write for a while. Time for WTLC to reposition and replenish.