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SPONSORED: Three Thunder Free Agent Targets

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Milwaukee Bucks v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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Three free agents Oklahoma City Thunder should target this summer

There may be no more games for now, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for followers of the NBA to talk about over the course of the summer break. One topic that always sets tongues wagging at this time of year is the free agency.

Supporters of each team have their views on how their team should do business during free agency and many take to social media to voice their opinions. Supporters from across the sea can even to try to cash in from their guess work by placing bets on the many specials markets available in UK betting apps.

Plenty of talent to choose from

The names at the top of their wish list often differ from those walking through the stadium door to sign on the dotted line, however, as there’s the usual scramble for the best players. The earlier a team move on their intended target the more chance they have of getting the deal over the line before the sharks begin to circle.

The management team at Oklahoma City Thunder are therefore keeping their cards close to their chest at the minute, which is understandable, leaving supporters and sports writers to speculate what the club could be preparing. There’s no lack of talent included in this year’s free agent list and that makes for an exciting window.

What possible changes to the roster will keep head coach Billy Donovan and general manager Sam Presti awake in the coming weeks? Which players will we see stride through the revolving door at the Chesapeake Energy Stadium, promising to help the club improve on last season’s efforts?

Let’s look at three players who could be persuaded to join the team.

Robin Lopez

Thunder fans like to see their team packed with aggression, mental toughness and determination and they will get all that and plenty more besides if they see center Robin Lopez pull on the famous team colors next season. Lopez will also give the team the opportunity to rest their current starter without changing things too much as Lopez’s style isn’t too dissimilar to Steven Adams’.

That will help spread the load a little and it should make for a fresher team who are able to avoid any recurring injuries over the course of a punishing season. At just 31 years old, Lopez still has plenty to offer and last season’s stats means Oklahoma City fans will have no problems welcoming him to the fold after seeing their team opt for youth in the latest draft selection.

Jeff Green

Could Green be persuaded to return to his roots in a move that would work well for both parties, helping the player get his career back on track? Green played with Thunder during his first three seasons, so knows what it means to represent this side, as well as the expectations of fans. He’s also seen as one of their own, so he would be welcomed back with open arms by the bulk of Thunder followers.

Jeff is another physically imposing player, but he is also a man with real skill who can turn a game on its head in an instant. He is known for pulling off seemingly impossible three-point scores, catching opponents off-guard and Thunder have been missing that little bit of magic in recent times. Green finished the last campaign playing for Washington Wizards where he shot 35% from the three-point line, ensuring he will have no problems finding an employer this summer.

Wesley Matthews

The final name on our list and this is one player most Thunder supporters would dearly love to see signed up as he seems to tick all the right boxes for what they’re looking for and what’s needed to improve on last term. The club tried to get Matthews as a free agent in the past, coming up short in February. Perhaps a second chance will be a charm.

Size and strength are Matthews’ obvious advantages but it’s his versatility that will really appeal to both the coaching staff and board as he can play in a number of positions and could save the team money in the long run. Get Matthews’ confidence back and find him a slot he enjoys playing in and the team will have a very good player on their hands. He’s an elite shooter and will pull his weight with important points if the deal can be done. There’s much work to be completed on that front, however. Until then, fans must play the waiting game. Keep your eye out for any developments in late June.