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‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’

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No time to be sappy. Just thankful.

My Thunder-fantastic fans, you, the Loud Citizens, my friends. It is time to pass the mantle.

Previously I shared with you my thoughts and feelings about the hard thing that it is to put down and leave something that has defined me for a quarter of my life. But you know what makes that bitter-sweet heartache a little less painful? Knowing that the person who will be stepping in to pick up the mantle is the perfect man for the job.

It’s time for me to both sign off, but in the process, introduce you to your new WTLC site manager and Editor in Chief:

Mr. Jon Hamm

If you’ve followed and rooted for the Thunder for any length of time, an introduction is hardly necessary. But for those of you unaware, Jon has been a Thunder fan and OKC mainstay for a long time, bringing with him a brain, heart, and connection to the Thunder fanbase that is authentic as it is inspiring. He’s an insightful analyst, an authentic writer, a social media presence, and he’s your new guide for a Thunder experience unlike any other here at WTLC.

You may catch me lurking from time to time; it’s hard to pull away from something so close to your heart for so long. But rest assured — the fact that I can step away in a measure of peace is because of the person who will take the site, and all of you wonderful people who make it special, for a great ride and will continue to echo, unmatched.

(c) Bill Waterson