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To New Beginnings

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“Why I’m Joining Welcome To Loud City”

Portland Trail Blazers v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Three Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Loud City.

If you’ve followed the Thunder for any amount of time, you know what those two words represent inside Chesapeake Energy Arena. The 300’s. The alleged “cheap seats”. A spot for fans who just want to get into the building and take in the experience. The most economical section to bring the family for a night of fun.

That’s not to say that those fans are more rabid or loyal than elsewhere in the arena. I’m just noting that it’s a place special enough to get a name.

It’s a place for the fans. And that’s what Welcome To Loud City is, too. For the fans, and by the fans.

When I learned that J.A. Sherman was stepping aside as editor-in-chief, I pounced on the “Apply Now” button like Steven Adams on a loose ball at midcourt. It felt like a good fit, largely thanks to the tremendous work J.A. and his crew have done over the years. Over a decade of their hard work and dedication has laid the foundation for me.

I wouldn’t have blamed J.A. a bit if he’d have gone full Michael Douglas in “Wall Street” and said to me, “don’t screw it up, sport.”

I’ve been behind-the-scenes a lot over the past few years, offering clarification to many writers on complicated salary cap mechanics. As the new editor-in-chief of WTLC, I hope to offer that same level of guidance and more in an official capacity.

And then there’s the writing! I do enjoy writing. My comfort zone is as an analyst and teacher. Gathering quotes and reporting stories is very important but that’s already covered extremely well in this market, contract to popular groupthink.

Sometimes, I just want to hammer out how the Thunder can use its $10.8 million trade exception, or dive into how better shooting from the corners could juice the Thunder offense. Or I want to help a writer take a really complex topic and find a way to explain it to the reader in digestible terms.

Ultimately, every fan site exists to service the fan. Sometimes to cheer with them. Sometimes to grieve with them. Sometimes to talk them back down to reality. That will be Welcome To Loud City.

And I welcome you to join us, if you haven’t already.