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The NBA playoffs roll on: Spurs even series; can Clippers do the same?

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The Thunder may be done, but WTLC is not.

NBA: Playoffs-Denver Nuggets at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder are done for these 2019 NBA playoffs, but the post-season rolls on. The WTLC will continue to ask the questions and analyze the games to help us understand what we’ve seen and what is to come.

Tonight, the Clippers fight to even the series against the Warriors, while the Spurs just evened theirs last night against the Nuggets.


1. What do you think is going to happen with the Nuggets-Spurs series, and what did last night’s game tell you about both teams?

Dominic Flaim: Well, I picked Spurs in 6 so I might as well say they win in 7. Denver is amazing at home but the Spurs are a group that doesn’t lack experience and leadership and, giving them a one game series, I’ll almost always lean with that. I could see any of the 3 teams left on that side of the bracket make the WCF afterward. Last night’s game itself didn’t confirm anything, but this whole series confirmed what I’d already thought about the Spurs under Pop, and that’s that he can bring any team to the playoffs and make them competitive. People counted out the Spurs without Kawhi, then again this year when they had their starting PG injured an entire season, but here we are.

Ali AlShuwaikh: The Spurs are going to come out victorious. They have the experience and they have the best coach in my opinion in the history of basketball. Im not underestimating the Nuggets but I think in such critical games, experience is what makes the difference.

Nile McNair: Last nights game didn’t tell me much as I expected the Spurs to handle business on their home court. However, I was very impressed with Jokic performance in a closeout game. I think he can take that momentum into game seven and help Denver win and advance into the next round.

J.A. Sherman: Before the playoffs started, I suggested to my good friend J.R. Wilco of Pounding the Rock that it would be awesome if our two lower seeds were to meet in the 2nd round. And I totally believed the Spurs could do it!

Well, I still have the chance to shoot 50%.

2. What will it take for the Clippers to even the series against Golden State? Does anyone actually think they can knock off the Warriors?

Dom: Not really, no. I still expect GSW to roll and win against Houston in 5-6 games. They fool around sometimes when they play lesser talent and focus more against better teams, and the Clippers are incredibly fun to watch and cheer for but don’t have the high end talent. To even it up they mostly need what they’ve been getting. Williams and Harrell to be co-6MOY players and bring scoring and energy while Golden State either doesn’t shoot well or has one of their weird “KD is leaving us” games where either he shoots a ton or not at all and everything feels off.

Ali: The Clippers unfortunately will not be able to even the series. The Warriors are just on a whole different level as a team. I mean, just have a look at their starting five players and that says it all. The only reason the Clippers won the previous game is due to the Warriors weak defense. I am certain that the Warriors will adjust defensively and close out the series in LA.

Nile: In order for the Clippers to win they just need to get out the first quarter without being down by double digits like they did in game 5 when the Warriors hit 8 threes in the first quarter. I believe the Clippers can win game six, but I don’t see them winning a third game In Oracle for game seven.

Sherman: I don’t think the Clips have the horses to really take down Golden State, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch Sweet Lou and Harrell go off at home, and then put a little bit of fear in Kevin Durant and the Warriors?